Constructing Earthquake-resistant Buildings


In many parts of the world, the need to construct building structures which can withstand earthquake cannot be over emphasised. Earthquake as a natural disaster is unexpected and whenever it occurs, the damages on building structures are enormous.

However, building structures which are resistant to such natural disasters can at least help to save lives which are lost due to earthquake.

Therefore, in order to build structures, a lot of efforts and researches are needed from a geotechnical consultant who can analyse rocks and soil and provide suggestions regarding the type of foundations on which a building is constructed as well as the effect natural disaster will have on such buildings.

Commercial structures are generally built with concrete and metals.

These materials have many advantages over other types of materials used in the past. The building constructed with these materials are strong, durable and will last for a very long time.

However, when it comes to withstanding the force from Earthquake, metal materials are preferred by builders and contractors.

The building structures built to withstand earthquake are constructed in a flexible manner and will move when earthquakes strike without breaking. Building houses with concrete means that the building will collapse due to cracks which are caused by earthquakes.

The different types of metals can bend easily and are flexible whenever hit by an earthquake. Metal supports used in construction would improve the chances of the structures withstanding an earthquake and there are different types of metals that can be used to construct earthquake resistant structures.


Bethel Nwuju