Firm Introduces Plastic Building Technology


Moved to tackle the challenges of Housing Sector in Nigeria, a South African based company Moladi Building communities in conjunction with its Nigerian subsidiary has introduced low cost housing technology into the market.

 Disclosing this while unveiling the new building technology in Lagos recently, the Chief executive of the firm, Mr. Hennie Botres said the technology is unparalled in super low cost housing production.

 According to him the Moladi technology which is a plastic concrete formwork system provides and assists with the full range of requirement involved in the transfer and use of proven low construction cost housing technology.

 Mr. Botres lamented over the poor condition of houses that people have had to contend with especially the Urban cities pointing out that a house dependency on the specifics needed can be built in just a matter of days.

 The company chief executive insisted that the technology which has been proved in South-Afric, Ghana, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Angola, Mexco and Haiti is the best model for low-cost housing and urged the government and private sector to embrace it to give dignity to the poor who live in deplorable housing conditions.

 “We supply housing technology and support transfer of the know-how to empower individuals achieve worth, by meaningful action to raise those at the bottom of the pyramid to a higher level by supplying low cost housing technology with low construction cost and not poor quality he emphatically stated.

 He further disclosed that the company can deliver 2 wing 3 bedroom duplex at the cost N7.2 million with the Moladi Plastic shutter formwork technology.

 Mr. Botres opined that reduction of operation required for the production ??? means less chance of the occurrence of errors, waste and rework which translates to the belief that the fewer the number of operations the higher the quality of the product and productive timeline resulting in cost savings.

 On the compatibility of the formwork to the Nigerian Weather, he stated that they do not build any housing unit without carrying out rain-water and sun test.

 According to him, the companies formwork has a thermal property with the capacity to produce heating and cooling properties in tandem with a particular weather in a given region.