NURTW Decries Harassment Over RSESA Stickers, Waste Baskets


The National Union of Road Transport Workers of Nigeria (NURTW), Abali Park branch, Port Harcourt, has decried the incessant harassment of transporters by touts over Rivers State Environmental Sanitation Authority’s(RSESA) vehicle stickers and waste baskets.

The chairman NURTW, Abali Park, Chief Bethel Dappa, who condemned the nefarious activities of RSESA touts said the action of these touts posed a serious concern to the transporters, especially as the Rivers State Governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi, has banned all form of stickers and multiple taxes in the state.

Speaking with The Tide in an interview in his office in Port Harcourt on Monday, Chief Dappa said official rate for the sanitation authority stickers and baskets is N1000 respectively, but regretted that the items were not made available for purchase and when available that they were sold at a double price of N2,000 each.

He said the agents heard the items thereby creating artificial scarcity because of their selfish interest, saying the they end up mounting on the road harassing innocent transporters who are willing to purchase if it was made available. “If you do not have the stickers and the basket they impound your vehicle and extort as  much as N10,000 to N15,000 from our drivers, a situation that is unbearable,” he added

According to him, we are appealing to RSESA to release the items to the union to distribute to members at the official rates, saying that what the agents are avoiding is that when the union purchases and distributes to various branches  at the approved rates, their selfish interests will not be met.

He commented that inspite of the state government’s ban on all forms of extortions against motorists since last year and all forms of touts chasing motorists, yet there are numerous illegal touts littering the various routes in Port Harcourt.

He urged the Transport Commissioner to use his good office to put to  stop the harassment and assaults method out on drivers in Port Harcourt.

Efforts by The Tide to speak with the RSESA chairman, Hon. Nnamdi Wokekoro failed.