Widow’s Lover Losses Gold Watch To Irate Youths


A man suspected to be in his 60s have lost his gold wrist watch to irate youths who caught him of “tangling” with his female lover in her matrimonial bed some where in Rivers State.

 The man was said to have defied the  boys earlier warning to desist from the widow’s bedroom, but luck ran against him when he was caught in the middle by the boys who had laid armbush following a tip off.

 Small Talk learnt that the man came on that fateful day with his popular male Raleigh White Horse bicycle which was seized together with the golden wrist watch which he purchased in Kano where he normally take some local people for eye treatment.

 The bicycle as this medium further gathered was released after several pleas by the widows step-son who also is the first son of her husband.

 The youths who refused to release the golden wrist watch, said it will be part of their evidence should the man accuses them of stealing or false claim.

 The men has refused to tell his worried family members what happened to his wrist watch.

 Small Talk checks, revealed that he has since refused to make public appearance in order to redeem his image.

 Family, sources close to Small Talk hinted that a Youngman who was in a fight-to-finish battle over who posses the widow has lost his life in the process.