Usher Dumps Fiancée For Rich Female Banker


An usher with one of the leading second generation Churches has dumped his age-long fiancée for a wealthy female banker in Port Harcourt.

 The usher as Small Talk was informed has finished what seems like the Church’s marriage rites but dumped his would-be heart throb when the rich female worker with a leading second generation bank suddenly surfaced in the Church.

 Small Talk’s checks revealed that the male usher hails from the West and his dumped fiancée from the east.

 Sources close to this medium hinted that the male usher who also is the youth President of the church has a systematic way ushering new comers to their seats especially the female ones.

 The rich female banker, who may at last win the love battle over the usher/play-boy hails from a major tribe in Rivers State and may take the new catch to the alter soon to answer the popular “yes I do” in white weddings.

 Small Talk also learnt that the wealthy female banker is the Vice President of the Church and high ranking children teacher who was among the recent awardees including her lover the church honoured for their outstanding commitments in the Church.

 Small Talk was also told that the Church may not leave them until the dumped lover who was dedicated member of the church is married.

 The dumped girl has since relocated to Lagos state in order to ‘cool off the pains”.