S’ Africa Based Businessman May Divorce Wife Over Adultery


Big time Nigerian businessman based in South Africa may have concluded plans to divorce his wife who he left in Nigeria over “unwanted” pregnancy.

 The Youngman who learned about his wife’s pregnancy by medical doctor in Nigeria denied been responsible for his wife’s pregnancy, calling it “unwanted”.

 Small Talk learnt that trouble started when the woman went to abort the pregnancy in a crude method and had some complications thereafter.

 Some family sources said that the women, then ran to a popular medical doctor in Port Harcourt seeking his assistance to complete the illegal abortion done by quacks.

 Before then, Small Talk gathered that the woman has put a call to her husband in South Africa claiming that she has some aliment.

 She among other things, demand that she should be hospitalised which the doctor refused.

 The woman who Small Talk checks revealed that she has more than two lover boys never knew which was responsible for the pregnancy which necessitated her abortion bid as she never know who to hold on.

Currently, talks are high between the woman and the doctor to help talk with her husband who has concluded plans to put her away due to iadultery.