Female Evangelist Elops With Friend’s Husband


A female evangelist has snatched the husband  of her friend in Port Harcourt under the guise of praying for the family.

 According to the rumour mill, the female evangelist was offered an accommodation by the family where she  repeatedly prayed with the family.

 They argued that they were unable to believe the development due to the level of godliness the woman has shown and demonstrated over the time.

 Small Talk, gathered that trouble started when the woman-of-God disappeared with her new catch and was unable to return for a reasonable number of days.

 The height of the near – unbleivable gist was when the man rented a very powerful accommodation for his Evangelist/lover in a very expensive and popular area in Port Harcourt city.

 Small-Talk further learnt that the kins-men who were full of pity for the abandoned wife, mandated their brother to appease them and his wife before he will allowed re-enter the community.

 This medium gathered authoritatively that the man and his Evangelist lover disappeared permanently to an unknown destination upon completion of the re-entry conditions given to him by the kins-men.

 The woman and children are till date abandoned in the community.