LPG Is The Fuel For 21st Century– Apathi


Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has been described as a better alternative fuel for automobiles.

Apart from being safer and cleaner, LPG is said to be capable of doubling the life span of engines when compared with the normal PMS in use.

Mr. Venkat Apathi of Nipco stated this in a seminar recently organised by Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in Abuja for corps members serving in the Ministry of Petroleum Resoruces.

In a paper titled, “From the Wellhead to the Pump,” Apathi noted that Liquefied Petroleum Gas was the fuel for the 21st Century, and urged Nigerian motorists to embrace it.

While enumerating other benefits of LPG, he said the gas is a high Octane fuel and because it is gaseous, the engine runs smoothly with highly reduced noise.

“LPG emits very low greenhouse gas which makes it good alternative to PMS in this era of global warming and climate change,” he said.

He also said that Nigeria produces 12 per cent of about 17 million metric tonnes of LPG in Africa but consumes about a percentage of the 12 million metric tonnes of LPG being consumed on the continent.

He advised Nigerians to utilise the huge gas wealth in the country outside domestic use, and noted that 30,000 metric tonnes out of the 60,000 metric tonnes LPG demand in the country was for domestic purpose.