Confessions Of A Clan‘We Were Hostile To Missionaries’ …Burnt Their Bibles …Backwardness Our Price


William Shakespear in his book Julius Ceasar says that the evil that men do live after them. Also, the Holy Bible in one of the books says that the Lord will surely visit the sins of the forefathers upon the fourth and fifth generations.

That was the fate of Nkoro Kingdom in the Opobo/Nkoro Local Government Area, Rivers State.

The Kingdom which is one of the oldest in the Eastern fringes of the Niger  Delta is socio-politically and infrastructurally backward.

Reason for this, as often explained by the people is due to the alleged sins committed by their fore-fathers.

According to Alabo Rogers Ibibo Oroni (III), their fore-fathers reportedly beat up Chirstian missionaries sent to the kingdom and burnt their Bibles as far back as 1914.

Alabo Oroni III who spoke to newsmen during the first Nkoro Kingdom thanksgiving service, also claimed that late King Jaja of Opobo also placed a curse on the kingdom as a result of the brutal murder of one of his aides from Nkoro.

According to the spokesman of the Nkoro Council of Chiefs, the kingdom had sent one of its sons to be trained by late King Jaja but the man was allegedly brutally murdered.

He said that this ugly development infuriated King Jaja who placed a curse on the Kingdom.

Alabo Oroni said that these two factors had contributed immensely to the underdevelopment of Nkoro till date.

He was however, optimistic that with the thanksgiving service recently organised, the kingdom is now liberated from the curse.

The service was attended by several men of God  including Apostle Ben Offiong, who was the guest speaker.

Apostle Offiong, the president of Africa Arise Global Mission, told the people to forsake their evil ways as light and darkness cannot work together.

He said that having repented from the sins of their fathers it behoves on them to hold tight to the salvation brought to them, stressing that the thanksgiving has repelled the curse brought by their fore-fathers.

“Most problems are caused by ourselves. Now that you have been saved, put away your pride”, he charged. 

The occasion which featured prayers for the kingdom also saw to the distribution of Bibles to the chiefs of the area which symbolised the Bibles burnt in 1914.

In a brief history of Nkoro Kingdom read by Elder P.J. Akins at the ceremony, the people said that the kingdom is one of the original ethnic nations of the Ijaw tribe in the Niger Delta of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“Injury would be inflicted on our history if mentioned is not made about the time, Andoni and Opobo as well as the Nkoros were cut off from their Ijaw kith and kin after the creation of Rivers State from the Eastern region on Wednesday,  May 27,1967,

“The Nkoro nation being an original Ijaw clan was in the forefront to unite with their brethren in the five divisions of Ahoada, Brass, Degema, Ogoni and Port Harcourt”.

He also said that Nkoro provided shelter to King Jaja of Opobo when he fled Bonny in 1870, while the kingdom also acted as arbiter in the crisis between Grand Bonny and Andoni in 1846.

 In his speech, the chairman of the organising committee Mr. J.P. Neveragain said that Nkoro Kingdom is up to recover its stolen destiny of greatness and privileges wherever they may be, because people everywhere are capable of freedom and worthy of freedom.

“Today, this is our destiny, we stand in awe, even everyone before our Lord God of Nkoro (Kirika) land for our father, Jehovah to plead our cause and to bless our great land Nkoro and its people most awesomely”, he said.  

The event was attended by people from all walks of life.