Clergy In Soup Over Pilgrimage Missing Money


If the information reaching Small Talk is anything to go by, then a powerful man-of-God from the South South zone may have himself to blame over the miraculous loss of 400.000 US dollars meant for his state’s pilgrimage Board.

Small Talk was briefed by a big wig in the pilgrimage Board that the man-of-God who is incharge of the Board ‘left” with the money without anyone’s notice.

He further informed that the man-of-God is now cooling his heels in the Police net and may be prosecuted when fund guilty.

According to him, the cleric performed below expectation, adding that he has betrayed the trust bestowed on him both by the pilgrimage Board members and his congregation.

Small Talk gathered that some pilgrims who were to travel mere adviced against it by the State Government in order to avoid being trapped aboard as the money meant for it has “disappeared” into the Board Chairman’s pockets.

Some sources within the said pilgrimage Board refused comments due to fear of the unknown as the cleric was said to have a serious relationship with the state’s Chief Executive.