Mark Of The Beast And Falsehood In Christendom (2)


In chronological order, the head of ‘gold’ which symbolised the ancient Kingdom of Babylon was ruled by King Nebuchadnezzar from  605BC to 538BC. Secondly, the ‘breast and arms of silver’ which also represented the Kingdom of Medo-Persia overthrew the Babylonian Empire in 538BC and ruled until 331BC. In the same vein, the third Kingdom ‘Greece’ emerged at the battle of Arbela from 331BC. This kingdom was represented by ‘brass – belly and thighs’ of the prophetic image which also ruled the world’s affairs by Alexander the Great. However, this administration was terminated in 168BC at the battle of Pydna by the Monarchy of Rome.

Without  mincing words, the Roman Empire depicted in the image of Daniel 2 as the Fourth Kingdom, waxed very strong amongst her contemporaries symbolised by the leg of iron. Invariably, the empire known as Pagan Rome piloted the world from 168BC until between 351AD to 476AD when Rome was disintegrated into ten (10) various kingdoms namely: Alemanni ­present Germany; Franks – France; Burgundians – Switzerland; Suevi – Portugal; Anglo-Saxons-­England; Visigoths – Spain; Lombards – Itali. Then the other three kingdoms: Heruli, Vandals and Ostrogoths were subdued and plucked out by the ‘little horn’ of Daniel 7 v 24-25 and of course, these three have no trace on the surface of the earth today and this is where the activities of the beast would be adequately identified and examined closely.

Really, the Roman government gradually shifted from paganism to Papal rule which prominently began in 538AD. The Papal authority was described as the beast that would arise out of the ten kingdoms and/or the ‘little horn’ which would possess power to uproot three other kingdoms. The little horn was focused to speak great words against the Most High and would as well weaken the children of God, as well as device means to alter times and laws of God.

Equally, the said little horn shall rule for a time, times and dividing of time which is equal to 3’/2 prophetic days or years – Hint: Daniel vs. 23-26. The Papacy controlled the affairs of Rome for a period of 1260 years which commenced from 538AD to 1798AD as spelt out in Revelation 12 v 6 respectively.

Close observation has shown that the Papal rule between 538AD  to 1798AD prevailed for 1260 years. You can agree that the Pope who was on the seat of authority within the period under review made grave inputs in Christendom without opposition because his pronouncement was ex-cathedra. This period was equally known as the ‘dark ages’ in the history of the world. That little horn – great authority represented by the Papacy was able to subdue three kingdoms as aforementioned. Of course, the tyrannical and dictatorial lordship of the Papacy had subjected the practice of true Christianity under siege. The arrest of the then Pope in 1798AD at England brought a tremendous relief to the Christianity domain which paved way for early reformations by our forefathers during  the 18th century  as lovers of God began to have access to the Truth – the Holy Scriptures.

Statistically, most of the religious activities such as feasts carried out in the Christendom in our contemporary society, do not have any biblical backing. For instance, the festivity of Christmas, forgiveness of sin by the Pope after certain obligations and rituals had been performed by the supposed sinner, infant baptism, worship of the Virgin Mary and several other services were upheld in high esteem. These practices and teaching are heresies and blasphemous to the truth which is in Christ Jesus.

Specifically, any true believer in the Lord has been asked to have wisdom and understand the mark of the beast which is a number of a man as interpreted six hundred threescore and six (666) as contained in Revelation 13 v 18. The numbers are not physical, but a latin inscription on the hat of the Roman Pontiff such as: “VICARIUS FIlLl DEI” being translated into the Roman figures. 

In prophetic days, God warned the Israelites of their divorcing themselves from intimate relationship with God and also beckoned on them to return unto Him to enable them have life, however they disobeyed and continued in their false worship as recorded in Amos 5.  Similarly, our generation has been alerted of the religion-political activities of the beast and his mark before the close of earth history. The whole episode as summarised in the Three Angels’ messages recorded in Revelation 14 vs 6-12 would help the teeming populace to decamp from the Babylonistic teachings of the beast which has either directly or indirectly intoxicated the unregenerate minds to the truth of the divine Decalogue. Those that worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in the forehead or in his hand will not escape the anger of God.

Nevertheless, since Lucifer rebelled in heaven (Rev. 12 vs 7-9) and was designated ‘evil’ or Satan or Devil, there has been ongoing controversies between good and evil, between Christ and Satan, falsehood has eaten deep into the fabric of  Christendom due to the subtle deception of the Arch-enemy and people tend to believe fables which were not real to the detriment of the truth that saves to eternity.

Now, our primary focus would be on whom do we worship: God Almighty and Creator of all things? Or the created – Satan? This is the crux of the whole matter. It is worthy to note the opening statement of the first angel with a loud voice, “fear God and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come; and worship him that made heaven and earth, and sea and the fountain of waters” – Rev. 14 v 7 (KJV).

Frankly speaking, it is high time for all professed Christians to discover the right way and follow it rather than to follow that which is dark and destructive. It would be wise for average followers of Christ to know the truth and no thing but the truth because it would be futile to seek for repentance when it has become too late. The antediluvian episode should teach great lessons here as the inhabitants never took the warning of God from Prophet Noah serious, rather before they realised the import of Noah’s call to the Ark of safety, it was too late.

At this juncture, I call heaven and earth to record this day against anybody who had received the message of the hour that has been presented before you to boldly take eternal decision either for God or falsehood – see Deuteronomy 30 v 19.

Summarily, it is asserted, come out of Babylon (falsehood) and be saved – Rev. 18 v 4, and Prophet Elijah questioned the indecisive posture of professors of Christianity – how long shall you be with two opinions. Take a stand on the Lord’s side – 1 Kings 18 v 21 and it shall be well with you.

Ominyanwa is a Public Affairs Analyst.


Goddy N. Ominyanwa