How Yemen Stopped Abdulmutallab’s Father


Fresh facts have emerged suggesting that failed suicide bomber, Farouk Abdulmutallab, might have repented of his devilish plans had the Yemeni embassy in Nigeria acceded to the request by his father, Alhaji Umaru Abdulmutallab, to visit Yemen for a heart-to-heart talk with his straying son.

Sources close to the Mutallab family in Katsina indicated that the immediate past chairman of First Bank Nigeria Plc made spirited efforts to talk his son off the way of perdition by applying for an entry visa to visit his son in Yemen but his request was turned down.

According to information, “Farouk was a well mannered boy that was growing normally but got influenced by some bad group. When he finished his Engineering course from University College London, he said he wanted to go to Yemen to do a crash program in Arabic studies, of course the father agreed and he went to Yemen.

“The matter took a curious turn when two weeks later Farouk called again to say he wanted to change the course to a seven-year course in Sharia studies and administration. The father flatly rejected that idea and asked him to return to Dubai immediately and complete his masters degree in engineering,” the source added.

Farouk however refused that instruction forcing the bank chairman to threaten to cut all financial links to the boy if he failed to go to Dubai.

“He (Alhaji Mutallab) was however shocked when the boy rebuffed him saying he would not be needing his financial help while in Yemen because he had secured some unnamed sponsors to bankroll his stay in Yemen for the seven years. He then banged the line on his father remained incommunicado until all hell broke lose on Christmas day. You needed to see the shock on the face of the old man,” claimed the source.

He added that the elder Mutallab decided that it was time to have a father-son talk with Farouk and he decided that since the boy was not willing to come to Nigeria, he would personally visit Yemen to try to persuade the boy not to continue in the path he was pursuing. Unfortunately, the Yemeni Embassy in Nigeria rejected his visa application on the excuse that he had no cogent reason to visit the oil-rich country.

He added, “ It was a frustrated Umar Mutallab that decided to report at the American and Nigerian security agencies in a desperate last-ditch attempt to retrieve his son from Yemen.