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RivPoly CSS Records High Academic Standard



The Rivers State Polytechnic Comprehensive Secondary School, Bori is one institution that has silently recorded huge success in academic excellence at both the junior and senior secondary schools certificate examinations in the last four years.

Established in January 2001, the RivPoly Comprehensive Secondary School has recorded over 98 percent success in all its external examination. At the junior secondary school examination level, the school scored a 100 percent success last year.

In an interview with The Tide On Sunday, the Acting Principal of the school, Deacon Godswill Emmanuel Ndee said the secret behind the success was a layed down sound academic structure, “the academic standard here per say is one of the best in this nation due to the way the teaching subjects are structured,”

“We have a layed out structure in the way Mathematics and English Language are taught. Mathematics is not taught as a single subject rather it is taught   in segments by various teachers. It is separated into Algebra, Arithmetic and Statistics, Geometry and Trigonometry.

These different areas are being taught by different teachers. Likewise English Language which is also separated into Lexis and Structure, Essay writing, Comprehension and Summary and then orals. These are also taught by different teachers,” he said.

According to Deacon Ndee, the method had strengthened and fortified the students in those areas of study, and that for the purpose of achieving high level of excellence, the school authority has made 50 percent score as pass mark, 60 per cent as credit mark, 70 per cent as good while excellent score is awarded to students who got an average of 80 percent and above.

One of the strategies employed by Deacon Ndee to achieve this level of success is the institution of discipline among staff and students of the school, through the establishment of functional welfare committee to take care of the staff without compromising strict compliance to academic responsibility. “There has been a change of attitude of staff to duty in a positive direction. Most teachers cover their syllabus on time and have enough time for revision.”

“We have equally maintained a comfortable staff room and integrated sports and games into our timetable to also take care of the mental development of staff and students and improve upon the talents of the students in the various events. Social activities are not left out. Beginning from tomorrow we will begin a week long end of year activities. All these and other extra curricular activities are to enable the students appreciate the physical identification of their area of studies”, he said.

These strategies have yielded tremendous results academically. A product of the school, Master Wisdom Deebeke Kate made all his nine papers with A1 including mathematics. Also a female student Miss Akpe Barikpoa Nwako made all her papers and both students were adjudged amongst the best in the May/June 2009 West African School Certificate Examination in the federation.

In 2006 RivPoly Comprehensive Secondary School produced two of the best students in the same certificate examinations.

The two boys now studying in the United Kingdom (UK) are Nordum L. Saronwiyor and Tombari P. Monsi who came out in flying colours in the West African School Certificate Examination (WASC).

The Principal said the immediate need of the school now having a population of 736 students was adequate class room spaces and a hostel accommodation. “We charge the least in terms of school fees in Rivers State. We need some form of assistance from corporate bodies, and government to enable us perform better,” he said.

Deacon Ndee attributed the success of his administration challenges from the dogged determination of the Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi administration to give education its pride of place and commended the government for its efforts in that direction. “I equally commend the management of the Rivers State Polytechnic under the leadership of Professor G.T. Sokari for its commitment to the development of the secondary school”, he said.

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5 Websites Providing Education News to Be Always in the know.



These are websites that in general use themes as their framework. Many websites use themes to provide education news and are always on the front line. These websites will give you the opportunity to improve your knowledge and expand your horizons. You will be provided with student news and also education news on the dot. The following are some of these websites that will keep you busy for a while exploring. Do enjoy!


What is it?

It is a peer to peer open learning community. This website uses themes to create an online forum where people share information and at the same time dig deep to research carefully on the same information shared. It’s like a platform for those who want to interact with like-minded and like-need people. Although the website like is always there to provide you the best essay, thesis or another form of writings, yet P2PU’s allows you to interact with persons to share your information.

How it does it:

On this forum, anyone interested is allowed or welcome to create a topic of study or even a study group and then share his or her knowledge with the other users.

What keeps it going?

To keep the motivation high and keep working at their best, they have developed feedback badges that are awarded and provide a means for learners projects improvement.


What is it about?

It is a non-profit educational website. It provides education for everyone that is interested no matter the location or where the person is situated. The education provided by this website is world class.

How it does it:

It consists of a vast library which consists of vast educational content which is easy to follow for the ones following the website. Microlectures boost the huge content with the number being around 5000 and access through the YouTube channels.

What makes it great?

Ones you sign up as a member, KHAN ACADEMY will always remember what you have learned on the website. It will again provide you with this detailed information so that you may keep your goals at your level of control and make sure you don’t miss a step in your mission of achieving them all.


What is it about?

Big think is an evolving educational website that is creating that channel or platform towards the best and greatest thinking on this planet of ours.

How it does it:

Big think is made up of different emerging ideas. There are so many articles and different videos on this site that tackle all the emerging ideas which are always selected therefore the ones on this website are only the best of the best emerging ideas.

What makes it great?

The growing network of critical and top thinkers in the world make this site to become a platform for brilliant knowledge that can change normal life proceedings.


What is it about?

It is a comprehensive collection of different online college courses from around the globe and all these courses are free.

How it does it:

The website provides more than 8500 lecturers accompanying over 750 online courses. Therefore, you get the opportunity to learn different online topics at your own pace since no one will rush you into the finish line.

What makes it great?

It offers extracurricular courses.


What is it about?

It is a tuition-free, non-profit organization that offers online degrees to all.

How it does it:

The organization has managed to make the cost of education to be as low as possible.

What makes it real?

Already some students have been enrolled in this program, therefore, making it open to everyone.


The above five websites are all meant for you as an interested learner. They provide education news, and they are never late. Education news is the key to the prosperity of all students, therefore, visit the above five websites to access students news on a vast platform.


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Top Tips to Write Collage Essay for Students.



College students’ essay professional writing just isn’t an easy task. The college students really need to learn to write within a professional way following an higher stage necessity for essay professional writing to create thinking competencies. The professional writing presentation may be very unique from everyday writing. Professional writing permits college students to investigate a topic place, evaluate the information, and analyze a selected issue. Professional writing a college essay could need a structured define mainly with regards to the set prerequisites with the teacher. The very best way to generate a professionally published essay is to stick to the professional writing techniques that this post implies.

Steps for college essay professional writing

• Choose the subject
Take a look at the topic
Assess a specific issue
Create an argument
• Support the argument with trusted proof
Build the outline
• Write the sections or subheading titles
Collect data
Arrange the information
• Write an interesting college essay

The leading intention of college students learning essay professional writing will be to attempt to persuade an educated reader to agree about the level of see offered within the essay. The presentation of argument needs well-supported theory or challenge. Authoritative proof will make the argument far more sound. The approach of essay professional writing is usually to fortify the argument with dependable evidence taken from reputable resources.

Find the subject

Find an interesting topic and after that check out the topic space by reading quite a few content articles. This can enable professional writers to assess the availability of assets or reading supplies. Preliminary evaluation of sources is very important to your completion with the college essay particularly if it includes statistical information. It is very important during the college to learn to write essays in order to finish your studies well.

Manage the argument

College essay professional writers demand a top level view to be able to organize the argument. The primary idea is usually to structure the argument inside a way that the movement in the plan is regular and nicely introduced. The college essay professional writer may perhaps produce numerous chapters or quite a few sections within a chapter with regards to the matter the college scholar would need to check out. The endeavor from the professional writer should be to remedy the questions describe within the argument using the use of responsible resources.
Writing the thesis statement

It’s not an summary but a part of the summary. Professional writers may write a thesis statement to initiate and guide the course from the analysis. Professional writers should formulate the research questions first before writing the thesis statement for the reason that the investigation questions will give direction on the college essay exploration and writing process. Keep in mind that it will be difficult for professional writers to formulate the thesis assertion on the college essay if your subject query just isn’t very clear.

Professional writers need to write the way the college student writes. The professional writer could request to get a draft or any writing that will give him an notion about the writing fashion with the college scholar. College essays demonstrate the feelings along with the expressions from the college university student. Editing or proofreading the essay would indicate next his word possibilities, terminology, and writing model. Writing a college entrance essay for college students would mean expressing the way he would categorical his thoughts. Nevertheless, the essay should be freed from grammar problems plus the flow with the plan should be steady and perfectly introduced. These are classified as the common things that a college university student lacks – organization and presentation.

Professional writers for college students ought to understand one thing. The essay should focus on a single subject matter or a single argument. In the event the subject had been much too broad, it will be tough to solution many of the exploration questions. The system is usually to choose a topic, preserve the discussion uncomplicated, and formulate analysis questions which have been minimal towards the subject matter in dialogue. The reasoning will be to retain the scope of the investigate as restricted as you possibly can.

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What are the Plane and Concepts of Trigonometry.



The department of plane and spherical trigonometry is often certain from the concepts that describe one or more spheres. The region of the sphere is bounded by arcs. In this respect, this condition may be regarded as a polygon. The lune, alternatively, is generally known as an additional sort of polygon. What tends to make this different from the realm of a common sphere will be the likelihood of manufacturing spherical biangles from a single 3 dimensional sphere.

Plane and Spherical Trigonometry: Area of Sphere

The edges with the sphere are specified by a lot of angles with the middle on the sphere. Subsequently, the middle with the sphere is subtended towards the endpoints of every side. The regions of the spheres are additional explained through the angle of your arcs that sort the angles. These are typically expressed in models of radians. In relation on the angles from the planar triangles, the angles from the spherical triangles are thought of a lot less than these angles. This characteristic might be hugely attributed for the curved edges with the spherical triangles.

Plane and Spherical Trigonometry: Sphere Surface

The floor of a solitary a few dimensional sphere is especially made up of two elements. These would be the great circles and the small circles. The great circles are regarded as the straight line’s closest analogue. These will also be considered the most important planar designs that you simply can attract out from the a few dimensional spheres. The arc with the great circles is normally the shortest route which you can trace concerning two opposing endpoints. The arc of these circles typically subtends more than a hundred and eighty levels on the overall sphere.

Conversely, the small circles are regarded as the smaller sized parts in the great circles. This translates to your actuality that these circles have more compact values as compared with absolutely the values the great circles can make.

Napier’s Pentagon

The Napier’s pentagon is taken into account a mnemonic assist in your case to find the measurements beneath the right spherical triangle. In line with this, the Napier’s pentagon might also be accustomed to determine out the relationships in between the angles on the spherical triangle. This mnemonic specifically can help you in searching for the three arcs and three vertices on the spherical triangle in question. Your questions about the assignment for trigonometry you can ask support of this site
To help you determine the measurement in the specific missing angle or even the missing vertex, you have to check the adjacent angles of the aspect along with the identified worth. Also, you have to exchange the 90 diploma angles while using the complementary angles. The values you will acquire from the determined measurements will help you establish the measurement with the overall Napier’s pentagon.

Congruent Triangles

The congruent triangles make use of a similar set of procedures utilized for the planar triangles. This is certainly often called the congruency on the measurement of your sides along with the corners on the spherical triangle. This set of premises potential customers on the finding the side side side (SSS) sequence for the spherical triangle would not assure that there’ll be congruence for the many sides and also the angles of the unique triangle. This finding generally satisfies the spherical legislation of your cosines.

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