Should Ex-Militants Camp In Aluu Be Relocated?


Recently, ex-militants confinement in a rehabilitation camp at Aluu community outside Port Harcourt has proved to be an exercise in regret. The protests embarked on by the ex-militants which culminated into the rape of innocent children in the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) was not only disgraceful to their human nature but also a shame to the government and people of Rivers State. The violent demonstration which took place at the Aluu community and environs touching on Uniport would not have take place, if the ex-militants had exercised some restraint that violent sexual orgy which left some innocent students of UNIPORT dead wouldn’t have occurred.

However, it is not surprising that the ex-militants could still exhibit their lucre for criminality of this magnitude considering the fact that they were in a rehabilitation centre where food and other programmes for future security were freely served and impacted in them.

Little wonder why the Executive Governor of the state, Rt Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi called on the federal government to relocate the ex-militants. The governor’s appeal to relocate the ex-militants camp from Aluu community could not have come at a better time than this period life in the state is trying to return to normalcy.

In any case, the ex-militants who were involved in this dastardly act have been arrested and will probably face prosecution against the alleged crime committed. In view of the fact that the state has over the years been held hostage by violent cultist activities, indiscriminate killings, unresolved high profile murder, kidnap of innocent citizens and armed robbery in the name of militancy residents are not quite disposed of the presence of ex-militants in the midst of law abiding and sane people.

The Tide on Sunday went round town to talk to some Nigerians on this sensitive issue.

Excerpts my name is Mr Linus Haruna, a consultant stockbroker and a post graduate student of Business Administration, Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST) Nkpolu, Port Harcourt. I am a Nigerian and hail from Kogi State. If I should speak my mind on whether the ex-militants camp in Aluu be relocated or not, my candid opinion is that the rehabilitation camp should be relocate almost immediately. It is dangerous and immoral for a rehabilitation centre for men who live by iron and blood to be sited among innocent and law abiding citizens. Let me say that with the mayem caused by these ex-militants which also included raiding of shops, business centres and other commercial houses it all means that a tripartite war is brewing between the host community, Uniport campus and the ex-militants, an ill-wind which will blow no one any good.

In the light of this. I humbly advise the federal government to relocate this ex-militants to the far northern side of the country where the environment is totally strange so that the much needed discipline will be inculcated in them easily. Besides, since they are not familiar with such area they may not be able to practice their nefarious acts, get themselves reformed and rehabilitated for quick integration into the mainstream of the society. Having said this, I am of the view that the ex-militants camp at Aluu village be relocated to a safer place.

I am Engr. Elliot Johnson, an Electrical Engineer and work with an oil servicing company, Weatherford (Nig) Ltd, located at Trans-Amadi Industrial Layout Port Harcourt. I graduated from University of Port Harcourt (Uniport) and a Rivers indigene of the Ijaw extraction. In my contribution on existence of ex-militants camp for rehabilitation at Aluu community to be or not, my honest comment is that the federal government was in a hurry to please the various militant groups in the Niger Delta Region especially MEND without considering the likely consequences of resettling lawless people in the midst of law abiding citizens. Sorry to say this, all that government was interested on was to drill and sell oil without minding the security and well being of the citizens.

My concern is if the federal government had weighed the security implication of this Aluu project the national embarrassment that occurred at Uniport campus, Aluu town and environs would not have happened. I do know by my extensive reading that ex-rebel soldiers are camped at the outskirts of any state with adequate security network to ensure that their rehabilitation programme achieves the desired result. The ex-militants to my mind are like former rebels and are unlikely to have their presence within and around the neighbourhood. The continued stay in that rehabilitation camp in Aluu community is inimical to the interest of the larger society so the time to relocate them to proper environment is now.

I am Mr Chuks Ngworkor, a final year student of Uniport. My field of study is Geology and hail from Umunede in Delta State. I am one of the eye witnesses to the shameful act by ex-militants in Uniport especially the innocent female students whom they raped in public glare as if that was also not enough for them raided shops and carted away people’s hard earnings. In any case, I believe that government has good intention to rehabilitate the ex-militants but what is worrisome is the approach to this noble gesture. The offences committed by them are convincing evidence to prove that these men are not the fit and proper people to live in well organised society hence their relocation by government. Let me say that if government fail to relocate them soonest the consequences will be too great for government and the people to bear.

My name is Chief Greg Obialor. I hail from Anambra State and a business man in Choba community. Mine is coming inform of advice. In as much as I support that the ex-militants should be relocated. But my advice is that government should cater for the essential needs of these men at the right time so as to avoid any friction. This I also believe that if government fail to provide the basic needs for these ex-militants wherever they go will still break loose.


Okwein Parker