Flour Mill Launches New Product


Honeywell Flour Mill Plc has formally launched “Honeywell Wheat Meal” into the consumer food and drinks market.

The company Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Honeywell Flour Mill Plc, Mr. Tunde Odunayo, while launching the product at Apapa, Lagos factory of the Company, said that the latest food product from the stables of the leading flour producer was poised to be a nutritious staple in Nigerian homes and is good for the whole family, including the young and old.

“The Honeywell wheat meal is a healthy ball meal which is rich in protein, fibre, minerals and lot of vitamins, Odunayo said.

According to him, the product was recently presented with the standards organization of Nigeria’s Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme (MANCAP, Award for quality.

Odunayo, further explained that the NIS quality award attested to the fact that the food product is credible addition to the launch and dinner time menu nationwide, as it plugs right into the healthy eating habits of the  increasingly health conscious population.

He said that the product was a result of a series of activities carried out in the company’s quest to provide customer’s with a wider range of value – added quality “ball food” products.

Explaining further, he said, “Honeywell Wheat Meal 10 per cent wheat. It is therefore very rich in protein and fibre which are very good for the body.

The brand is also rich in minerals and vitamins and plant protein, which is why Honeywell wheat meat is particularly very good for the body”.

The Chief Executive Officer said the product was also packaged to cater to different needs and are available in 1kg, 2kg and 5kg sizes