Port Harcourt Stand Still For Nsiegbe


Life is a strange bargain measured by the conscience of time. Paved with blooms and rosy hopes and bursting into emptiness  and bubbles. Late Reggae icon, Lucky Dube captured the emptiness of life when in one of his famous lyrics he contemplated the mystery  of assassination: “do you ever worry about leaving your house in the morning and returning with a bullet in your head? Do you ever worry about your wife becoming the woman in black.”

  Lucky Dube later fell to assassins bullet.

  Like the late Reggae maestro, Charles Achor Nsiegbe, Rivers politician and socialite  fell to assassins bullet in Port Harcourt on the 21st of November 2009 at the Primeness of age. His sudden death threw Port Harcourt his home town in a doleful mood, as family members, friends political associates and well- wishers are yet to fathom the reality of his untimely demise at  the instance of the bogey men.

The final committal of his remains to mother earth yesterday confirmed the ugly reality that Charlie, as he was fondly called by his friend is no more. Bereaved of one of its most illustrious sons, Port Harcourt literarily stood still for the late politician. Business activities, especially with the Diobu axis of the city, late Nsiegbe’s home town was paralysed as market and shops were closed down. Throngs of sympathisers besieged his family, house amidst tears and lamentation. There was a gridlock at Ikwerre road. The funeral activities commenced last Thursday, with “service of songs at his house near Rumuelumeni. his remains were taken to the Rivers State House of Assembly for a valedictory session and to the Port Harcourt City Council were he had served as a lawmaker and caretaker chairman respectively. The tumultuous crowd that attended Hon. Nsiegbe’s burial yesterday was indeed eloquent  testimonies of his indelible contributions to life while on earth.

Perhaps, when the bogey men strutted with sinister plots and succeeded in snuffing life out of his robust and energetic body, they failed to imagine the height of attainment they have accorded him in the bosom of the lord.

Also with subdued conscience, they failed to contemplate that their reckoning will certainly be more retributive than their quarry. Charles Nsiegbe’s physical departure at a critical point of Rivers political history and the gruesome circumstances of his death had placed him as one of the celebrated heroes of democracy. He will certainly live in the hearts of people.

History is replete with cases of divine visitation on those who inflict pains on people. They are bound to received a double doze of punishment such is the other side of life as a strange bargain.

With the bread winner of the Nsiegbe’s horridly forced out of existence, the task of running the home now falls on his young widow. As soul mates, trusted companions and devoted Christians, Blessing his wife had remained unbroken in spirit, counting on the bold faith of her late spouse, she cuddles the children who are now deprived of fatherly warmth and affection. In a tribute to her later heart throb, she said she had no cause to think otherwise but to live everything in the hands of God who is the final arbiter. Thinking otherwise, she declared will annoy her husband even in the spirit.

Govenor Chibuike Amaechi, Nsiegbe’s political mentor, associate and former legislative colleague described him as a “dependable political ally, an astute politician and quintessential gentleman, a conscientious leader and accomplished businessman”.

As a legislator, the Governor said Hon. Nsiegbe displayed unwavering candour and staunch positions on issues of public interest and concern. The Governor further assured that the Rivers State Government will do every thing possible to immortalise  the departed politician.

Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, and former colleague of late Nsiegbe, Hon. Tonye Harry, said his death came as a rude shock to the assembly.

Other distinguished personalities, such as Secretary to State Government, Hon. Magnus Abe, commissioner for Transport, Hon. George Tolofari all former colleagues of the late Nsiegbe attested to this life as a worthy friend.

 A renowned Anglican Cleric, and Vicar of Saint Thomas Church Diobu Port Harcourt, Ven. C. M Iwuji, lamented the death of Nsigbe whom he said was a vital pillar in the church.

His 44 years in this bargain of life was quite eventful and rewarding. Born into the family of late Franklin Nyeche Nsiegbe of Rumuwoji, Nkpolu-oro Abali in Port Harcourt City Local Government, he obtained a degree in philosophy at the University Port Harcourt after studying journalism in the United Kingdom. As the publicity secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in the South South . Charles Nsiegbe preferred to be addressed as the spokesman of the PDP in the South-South.

A man of benevolent spirit, yet a stickler to rules.  His security orientation as a former State Security Service SSS official made him stern, but those who were close to him knew that he was simple and quiet friendly . While in service he served two Military Governors. Col Anthony Ukpo and Group Captain Adeleye as personal aides. He also had a stint with a Lagos mega bank before engaging into active partisan politics.

As a man of many parts, before his sudden death he rekindled his passionate pastime, movie production, and through his production outfit Creek Legs, produced classics movies like Motherland and Genesis.

Nsiegbe was also an award winning poet and prolific writer. As the caretaker chairman of PHALGA, Nsiegbe was said to be generous to a fault, staff of the council testified to his prudence and concern for staff welfare. His craven to satisfy people’s needs was said to have known no bound. Most of his advisers said his bold tendencies were cultivated as a free-born of Port Harcourt who grew up enjoying the blooms which the city offered him as a growing boy. Nsiegbe grew up with that aura and was not timid but treated issues with uncommon élan. Predictably, there were those who hated his guts and could not withstand his infectious countenance and resorted to crude measures to dim this stars. Charles Achor Nsiegbe.

Nsiegbe was also a member Board of Directors, Bureau of Public Procurement, Rivers State. Adieu, Charlse Achor Nsiegbe. 


Taneh Beemene