Lecturer Fingered Over CSO’s Murder


A lecturer at a federal university in the Garden city is right now passing through difficult times trying to exonerate himself from the recent gruesome murder of the institution’s chief security officer.

Small Talks gathered that family members of the deceased CSO have started pointing accusing fingers in the direction of the university teacher who incidentally is a prominent professor in the university.

The professor, it was alleged was responsible for the death of the security chief as those accusing him of complicity in the death had allegedly vowed to drag him before a dreaded juju shrine to prove his innocence or otherwise.

Small Talks, however, scooped that the professor has equally agreed to go with the accusers to  any length including the juju shrine to prove that he had nothing to do with the death of the top security chief in the institution.

It was equally gathered that the assassins who murdered the CSO in cold blood allegedly came to kill the professor but rather succeeded in snuffing life out of the security chief.

This development, Small Talks learnt, has actually resulted to the linking of the professor to the death of the security chief.

It was, however, revealed that the professor has been under intense pressure to run to the media to clear his name instead of resorting to the juju shrine where he has been dragged  for the purpose of proving his innocence or guilt.

Small Talks also learnt that the accusation of the professor has actually kept tongues wagging on campus and beyond even as the university teacher had told anybody that cared that he never had a hand in the death of the late security chief.

The accusation of the university teacher, Small Talks also gathered has been adversely affecting his productivity level since he is no longer composed to discharge his duties and functions effectively as expected of him.