Ghost Teacher Makes Student Impotent


This story sounds incredible but it is a true life story which unfolded in a secondary school inAgbor in Delta State recently.
According to the gist, a Mathematics and Physics teacher who was suspected to be a ghost, allegedly made a student impotent by sucking his manhood.
Small Talks was told that the student had approached the teacher who was residing within the school’s premises and complained that he was not coping with his studies as he was fast becoming a dull student, and allegedly pleaded with the teacher to make him become brilliant. The teacher was alleged to have asked him to pull off his shorts and before anybody knew what was happening, he started sucking his manhood to the point that the student could no longer suffer erection.
On discovering that his manhood had shrunk permanently, the student ran home and narrated his strange experience to his parents who wasted no time in reporting the matter to the principal of the school and elders of the community. The teacher was said to have been summoned by the elders of the community where the school is located to defend himself on the allegation leveled on him by the student.
As the story goes, the teacher uttered no words when the elders threw several questions to him, and when they noticed that he was not prepared to say anything in defence, he was ordered to suck the manhood of the student again to restore it to its normal state.
According to the story, he did exactly that and the student’s manhood became normal again.
His strange ways of doing things in the school including the manhood saga prompted his transfer from the school.
Small Talks gathered that the teacher always kept to himself and often drove round the school’s football pitch every early morning and in the evenings in his Volkswagen car to the surprise of both students and teachers. He was also said to be appearing and disappearing from bushes around the school’s premises at odd hours, thereby heightening suspicion that he was never a normal human being.
It was also learnt that speculations surrounding the true identity of the teacher ended when he died while driving in his car which was involved in a ghastly motor accident.
According to the gist, when teachers of the school and other sympathisers took his corpse to a community in Abia State for burial, he was said to have died 15 years ago.
His relations were said to have shown the visitors where he was buried, and they were all shocked and gripped with fear.
Small Talks, however, gathered that they managed to take the corpse of the teacher back to Agbor where he was buried in a cemetery.