Butchers Detain Cameraman


What on earth could butchers at the Trans Amadi abattoir popularly known as slaughter in Port Harcourt be hiding to have taken offence for sighting a photographer who took some pictures of fumes of smoke being emitted into the atmosphere?

This is a question a cameraman and a youngman who hired him may be battling to provide answers.

Small Talks gathered that the cameraman was hired penultimate Wednesday by the youngman who runs a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) which deals on environmental pollution to take pictures of the burning scenes at the abattoir for his NGO.

Our source, however, claimed that the whole thing turned sour, as the cameraman was alleged to have been arrested, humiliated, rough handled and detained by the butchers after taking pictures of the burning scenes and the fumes of thick, black smoke being emitted into the atmosphere on that fateful day.

Small Talks also learnt that apart from detaining the cameraman at the abattoir, he was later transferred to the Trans Amadi police state where he was also detained  through out the day.

When the attention of the man who hired him was drawn to what had befallen the cameraman, he was said to have immediately rushed to the police station and confronted the DPO who, according to the gist, further shocked him by his hostile disposition.

The DPO was alleged to have queried the cameraman for going to the abattoir to take pictures, and demanded that N5, 000 be paid for his bail.

Small Talks further gathered that when the NGO /Big Boy reminded the police officer that detaining the cameraman beyond 24 hours was against the law, he was alleged to have confiscated the films containing the pictures’ and handed the camera back to the owner before releasing him.

The attitude of the butchers, we were told, was shocking because they chose to humiliate their Hausa brother, even as the incident has kept tongues wagging within the neighbourhood.