Chapel Of The Heart (II)


Ours is an ‘instant’ generation: instant coffee, instant passports, automated petrol pumps, etc. Not many are willing to wait to learn anything, but everybody wants everything ready-made: everybody  wants to be shown an instant revelation. 

Those who hate counsel, who detest instruction, who would never learn (because they believe that they are superior and better endowed) will fall into otherwise avoidable pits.

How do we learn? By listening to others, by reading, by studying God’s word, etc. We learn with patience. Learning takes time, but its benefits also last the long test of time.

I will INSTRUCT thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye (Psalm 32:8) .

Again, here, I pray this prayer for you, that your ears shall not be deaf to the instructions of the Lord, and that you may learn to follow the guidance of His eyes. Amen.

4. The Choice is Yours             

What man is he that feareth the LORD! Him  shall he TEACH in the way that he shall choose (Psa1m 25: 12).

This verse brings us to the next issue of individual choice in spite of or in the process of divine leadership and instruction. Sometimes the known will of God is not done, not because of ignorance of that Will, but because the individual has chosen otherwise. God does not choose for anyone, even though He may teach the choice that should be made, or the path that should be followed. If King Saul did not kill all the Amalekites, it was not because he did not know what to do; it was because he chose otherwise. Sometimes even those who already know the path do go astray, because they choose to go otherwise. God’s pattern is to show you the path then leave the choice to you. “The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD” (Psalm 37:23), but it is the good man who does the walking. While God orders his steps (and his steps, someone has added). God may “instruct “; He may “teach” us the way, but it is “thou,” the individual, who has to “go” (Psalm 32:8). There are too many people waiting for God to choose for them even after God has shown them the choice that they should make. They wait too long for God’s feet to walk for them in the paths He has not only shown them but given them feet to walk in.

I have set before you  life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live (Deuteronomy 30: 19).

5.  “Lead me in thy Truth”

I will INSTRUCT thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye (Psalm 32:8).

God shows, God teaches or instructs, and God also leads. To lead is to go before but go with; it means to guide, and somehow to take by the hand. This suggests not only a romantic relationship between the leader and the led but also that the person being so led is not mature enough to be merely instructed; not competent enough to be merely told how to get there and left to himself, and therefore has to be taken by the hand.

It should be added, however, that the fact that one has learned a certain path does not mean that one has known all the routes. Such a person would still need to be guided in some other areas where the person is still a babe. No matter how much of God anyone has known, they still know very little. Nobody knows all of God. Even Jesus was said to have “learned” (Hebrews 5:8). He needed not to have learned if in His human state He already knew all things. David prayed, “Lead me in thy truth” (Psalm 25:5). May nobody become so strong that they need God no more. That is where death starts.

To follow any leader, that leader has to be seen. An invisible, untouchable guide is not of much use. Therefore, the guidance of which the Bible speaks here suggests a presence of God. There is, however, another level of divine guidance where God’s presence might not be felt at all, but merely assumed or believed, as the next subtopic shows.

“May nobody become so strong that they need God no more.”

6. When God Guides With His Eyes

God does not always have to speak to us to guide us. Sometimes He merely sits by, like the Father that He is, watching us play around in the garden of His will, watching our every move, ready to call or speak a caution only when we are about to step into danger. Therefore, the many times God speaks to us does not necessarily say how spiritual or on-track we are; on the contrary, it might only tell how often prone to danger we have been if God had not intervened with His cautionary voice. In Psalm 32:8 God promises,

I will INSTRUCT thee and TEACH thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will GUIDE thee WITH MINE EYE.

The Bible does not say in this passage that God will tell you the way you should go. It says He will teach you the right way to choose the choice would be yours even after He shall have given you the instruction. Always, you will do the going, while God does the teaching. God Instruct so often, so that you would be built up with sufficient information on how to go. When this happens, God does not need to be there every time to take you by the hand. He just sits back, like a coach, watching you go, guiding you silently, only with His eyes. This level of divine leadership takes more faith, because we do not see Him, although He sees us. This walk often causes us worries as we wonder about the uncertainties beyond our every next step, while He remains silent, in spite of our anxious pleadings, because He sees no danger, although we fear the way.