Abia Included In Amnesty Deal – FG


The federal government has assured that Abia and Imo States were part of the amnesty deal for the Niger Delta.
Abia State Co-ordiantor of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Osmond Adiele, gave the assurance in Umuahia in an interview with The Tide during a post-amnesty workshop for youths in the state.
The assurance came at a time tempers were flaring in the state gong by perceptions in some quarters that Abia and Imo were not fully integrated in the amnesty deal which encompasses rehabilitation and empowerment of repented Niger Delta militants as well as physical development of the region, among other programmes.
Adiele who spoke after delivering the address of the NDDC Managing Director to the workshop with the theme: “Niger Delta Youths: Beyond the Amnesty,” said all the nine states of the Niger Delta region were included in the amnesty package, explaining that those who came out openly to repudiate militancy in the region were representative of the youths.
Adiele pointed out that the workshop was part of the amnesty programme and was holding simultaneously in the nine states. He said if there was any plan to keep Abia out of the deal, then youths in the state would not have benefited from the workshop.
“The view that Abia State is not part of the amnesty deal is wrong. This interactive meeting we are holding is going on simultaneously in all the nine NDDC states. The amnesty deal involves all the nine states in the Niger Delta region. Militant youths in Abia and Imo states, they are fused into the deal the President signed with the militants,” the co-ordinator emphasised.
On the essence of the interactive workshop, Adiele said: “We want to get the views of the youths. We want them to participate. We don’t want to do it alone. Let them tell us what actually they want us to do and we will tell them what we want to do for them.”
He explained that Abia has remained peaceful and stable because the militants in the state have shown great understanding “because we talk to them about the plans Mr. President have for them.”
NDDC Managing Director, in his address, detailed rehabilitation plans for the ex-militants and development programmes for the Niger Delta region.