Mark Of The Beast And Falsehood In Christendom


PHILOSOPHICALLY, the issue of it does not matter as a syndrome, has been one of the identifying traits of a decaying society and Christendom in particular. Of a truth, this syndrome does not create opportunity to study, learning and understanding the Holy Scriptures. The existence of humanity on planet earth also calls for a sober reflection of the Supreme Deity, the Almighty Creator of both animate and inanimate creatures.

The main feature behind the it does not matter syndrome is rooted to the prophecy of Hosea “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because they rejected knowledge … “ (Hosea 4 v 6).

In view of this, it is of paramount importance to identify mark of the beast and its image for the benefit of human race and particularly in Christendom. It is crystal clear that every passing moment definitely draws eternity closer to the shore of earth’s history. In other words, the great controversies which started in heaven, masterminded by Satan would soon be brought to its eschatological termination at the Second Advent of Jesus Christ.

Obviously, during the antediluvian age, the people of that era bluntly refused to identify what would determine their faith and destiny at the termination of the age history. In fact, they were adamant until the generation was plunged into untold malady because they depended on human philosophy which eventually failed as they could not discern and identify the word of God as it relates to the ark of safety through the proclamation of Prophet Noah whom God had chosen within the first two thousand years after creation of the earth.

God in His infinite love and mercy would do nothing or hoard any plan but would reveal to His servants the Prophets according to Amos 3 v 7. Actaually, no calamity would befall God’s children without a warning in the first instance.

Truly, the world before the flood was adequately notified of the imminent doom as Prophet Noah was instructed to construct an Ark of gopher wood and create rooms therein. In order to avoid doubt, all necessary directives were given by the Creator of the entire universe concerning the Ark for the sole purpose of safety to whosoever would have heeded the divine order as outlined in Genesis 6.

Pertinently, due to gross negligence to the instructions from the man of God, the aftermath effects or consequences was that the then world was brushed away by flood just as it was predicted – Genesis 7. Nevertheless, those who were dwelling in sky-scrapers were very complacence with the negative confidence that the flood would not reach their place of abode. Unfortunately, when the flood came, it swept the environment completely to the zenith beyond human imagination and ability. The only exceptions were those who obeyed and directed into the Ark.

The rising flood floated the Ark to the top of Ararat, the highest mountain where it rested for 150 days. Then forty days after the flood stopped, before it was subsided as indicated in Genesis 8 vs 6-8. The mountain of Ararat in our present dispensation could be likened to the United State of America (USA’s) World Trade Centre Tower made up of 110 storey buildings which was suddenly blastered by terrorists on September 11, 2001 championed by Osama bin Ladin. An incident described as the millennial prophetic surprise to the global society.

Herein, one would be inquisitive to ask “what is the beast and its mark”? Naturally, a beast has been defined as “four-footed animal, cruel or disgusting person … “ by Prof. A. S. Hornby in the Oxoford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English at page 70. Notice should be taken that the beast was equally equated to a person as being cruel and disgusting – used as fables.

Invariably, beast means authority or power being exercised falsely against that which is truth and right by representation of the dragon here on earth, known as the PAPACY emanated from the pagan Rome to Papal Rome. The pronoun Papacy means an institution or position occupied by an authority known as the Pope (papa/papal – father). In other words, Papacy is a system of government by the Pope administering from his throne. This institution originated from the global prophetic image shown in dream of the World Empires to King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2, signifying the leg of iron (Roman Empire) specifically. It could be recalled that amongst the four (4) Empires or Kingdoms viz: Babylon (Gold); Medo-Persia (Silver); Greece (Brass); and Rome (Iron), the strongest of all was the Roman Empire as noted historically.

Ominyanwa wrote from Port Harcourt.