Working With The God Of Process


Many things make God a perpetual wonder to all of his creation, his mastery over creation is not only overwhelming, but in our deepest imagination we get lost in his glory. Besides his unimpeachable supremacy, he alone is the only being capable of blending simplicity and complexity with a perfect balance. Perhaps the most astounding is the fact that he remains the God of process in spite of his ever available matchless power to make things happen instantly, on the spot.

From this background, I write to exhort all, especially faithful believers who sincerely bear reproaches for him and daily put more effort to depend on him. As hourable and edifying as it may be, yet trusting in God to a point of result can be strenuous. Therefore, I am not surprised when anybody gets sick to receive an answer from God instantly. God does respond speedily and instantly even in matters we thought it would take a deal of time, yet he observes a process in a matter which we thought is effortless and urgent.

God could have created the world in a day, but he never did. He used six days. He could have spoken man into existence, but he never did it that way. A more provoking observer might ask why is God doing like this with me. In a very subtle manner, envy may cause one to compare God’s dealing with him with someone else. The reflection can continue to expand are expand because the process itself is not always the same in pattern, timing and result.

In the search of our respective goals in life, unlike the pest ages, people in this age are most impatience to observe the process. In fact the word process and patient is much hated in our time. Only a very negligible percentage both in and outside the church appreciate it. A spinster wants it done and completed on the spot. An aggressive student wants to get the certificate before completing the lectures. A starter wants to get to the top just now. The one who has been in the process might lose temper and grow more pensive.

Men and brethren  the spirit of God lay it upon my heart to strictly exhort that if God deems fit to take you through a process, follow him for that is the best. No doubt it hurts the flesh, but the truth is that only the process will deliver the real thing you want. God loves things that are durable and firm. That’s why he does not expend his energy for what term result Lets reflect on God’s process to make Papa Abraham the father of faith. First it must be borne in our mind that the primary thing God dealt with Abraham for was to impart the eternal faith of God in him to fulfill his destiny. To succeed in our walk with God we must learn to trust and obey, maintain a calm spirit void of anxiety instead of murmuring and acting without the Holy Ghost guiding. That rare grace of God gave Abraham to quietly follow God, may God give it to us. No doubt it was a wilderness walk, but he maintained his fellowship. Let’s us renew our determination to keep our fellowship with God no matter the odds.

Life will be a stock of boredom if it was a repeated tale of one person, one thing at the same time. It was not just an ordinary walking; Abraham had battles which he fought successfully by the grace of God. Don’t forget that on the line there was a conflict between the servant of Lot (his nephew) and with the servant of Abraham which he used the principle of self denial to settle it most amicably. Nice to say, in Genesis 15 God sanctified Abraham. This was a very important phase in his walk with God. Sin and filthiness can mar the process of God in our lives, no wonder God cleansed Abraham.

At the back of all this he hadn’t a child until when he was 100 yrs of age. Without doubt they expected the baby each month. Hope and targets that keep failing can breakdown some one physically and spiritually. At a point both of them failed God by raising a child without God’s approval, besides the lies Sarah told. The issue of childbirth was an object of lesson to the ultimate purpose. If it was merely to raise a child then Ishmael was enough. Isaac was not just a child, but the fullness and fulfillment of the faith God processed him to possess_ Isaac therefore was one of the dimensions of the manifestation of the faith level. We don’t need to be hasty; the process may not be the goal. The goal comes at the end; this is the more reason we have to endure to the end of Gods dealings with us.

Abraham first received and heeded the call of God. There in the land of Dr. Abraham was like any other hopeless sinner following the devils itinerary which always leads to hell. Reb.II:8 say’s “By faith Abraham when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance obeyed and he went not knowing wither he went”. In ignorance, lust and greed we insist to station ourselves in wrong place even when God calls us out of it. Don’t you believe that the God that helped Abraham can deliver you from bad habits? Since the scripture cannot be broken, therefore I speak. with unquestionable audacity that if you pray God to help you, he will surely do.

The next step in the process was for in to leave his native land for a place he never knew. This was not only to deculture him from fetishism and paganism but he was in the process I am in no way trying to orchestrate the failings of these royal patriarchs, but I pinpoint the fact that it is God’s grace that takes us through the process. You may have to fumble sometimes before you are formed. Don’t takes your mistake for weakness. God understands and makes provision to accommodates and lift you when you fumble and fall in the process. Any real process! furnace of God must first break you before it builds, so God has already made room for your frailties and carelessness. Are you discouraged because you failed, ashamed, mocked at you because it did not come the way you speculated; rise up, God tenderly want you back to complete the process and come fourth as gold.

The climax of it for Abraham was the sacrifice of Isaac. This is where he graduated in his school of faith, not necessarily as a father after 100 years of waiting. The God that helped Abraham to complete the process successfully will help you. Rise up. Don’t allow the devil to steal your beautiful destiny.

Eka wrote from Port Harcourt


Emmanuel James Eka