Deputy Governor Laments Rush To Ghanian Schools


The rush by Nigerian parents to send their children and wards to universities in Ghana has been blamed on the inability of Nigeria to develop her own education sector.

The Deputy Governor of Cross River State, Mr. Efiok Cobham who disclosed that more than one million Nigerians were studying in Ghana.

He said the Nigerian educational system had collapsed and lost its allure, while Ghana had on the other hand, had evolved a better structure.

The deputy governor made the observation when the governing board members of the Nigerian Educational Research and Development council paid a visit to the state Governor, Liyel Imoke.

Mr. Cobham traced the rot in education to too many unimplemented policies, inadequate allocation of funds and general apathy to teachers’ welfare, noting that Nigerian leaders were good at initiating policies but slow in implementing them and stressed that reform in education sector must start at the top.

He lamented that in previous years, graduates of Indian schools were required to undergo validation courses while the reverse was the case as Nigerians are begging Indian institutions to assist them with admissions, warning that the trend would not change if the fundamental problems in  the education sector were not sincerely addressed.

In his remarks, leader of the team, Prof. Haruna Bimiwa said the National Council on Education mandated NERDC to develop an appropriate and effective curriculum for the primary and junior secondary levels.

He said as the instrument for social and economic reconstruction, government could not afford to toy with education, and expressed hope that the nine-year Basic Education Curriculum developed by NERDC would help the country to attain the MDGs, the National Economic Empowerment Development strategy and education for all.