‘Supervision Of Projects, Beauty Of Amaechi’s Administration’


Rulership is turn by turn. Today, it is an Ikwerreman. You don’t know where it goes tomorrow. But let us allow Governor Amaechi to be there. We allowed king Alfred Diete-Spiff. We should allow the governor to complete his good works. Let me tell Rivers people that nobody can remove him from power, only God.

As the administration of Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State clocked two years last Monday, Chief Noble Amadi, former Chairman of People’s Democratic party (PDP) in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, has identified the major reason behind the success story of the administration. According to him, the supervision of projects by the governor had been the beauty of his administration. He said giving out jobs and supervising them had equally been the hallmark of good governance which the present administration has given to Rivers people within the past two years.

Chief Amadi who made the observation in this encounter with The Tide On Sunday explained that the supervision of projects had equally made the present administration to be different from past administrations in the state.

According to him, the governor of the state supervises every jobs he gives out because he knows that he takes all the praises and blames of his administration.

The former PDP chairman also acknowledged the fact that the present administraton has recorded tremendous achievements in virtually all sectors of the state, describing officials of the government as up and doing.

His words: “This government is different and special because if the governor gives you jobs, he will supervise you. The governor knows that he receives all the praises and blames. He is a man that will give you jobs and will supervise you. Good governance is not just giving out jobs. The governor gives out jobs and supervises. That is what is called good governance. The Chief of Staff is doing very well and all the commissioners are doing their work.”

He said the governor had ensured that contractors handling government’s projects were doing the right thing, pointing out that such supervision had made all hands to be on deck.

“You can see the road networks, both in the education sector, in agriculture, in short, everywhere to ensure that contractors are doing their work and all hands are on deck, “ he enthused.

The Rumueme-born politician further explained that the present administration has recorded landmark achievements in the areas of road construction, education, health, agriculture, peace and security among other sectors of the state within the last two years, and solicited the support of all Rivers people.

Hear him: “The executive governor has done a lot for our people, the people of Rivers State. There are a lot of landmarks. Landmarks in education, in the health sector, road construction, peace and unity, economic empowerment, rural development and upgrading of electricity facilities. The governor has also taught Rivers people that it is good for them to be hard-working and to engage themselves in meaningful ventures. There are skills acquisition programmes. There is urban renewal. There is Greater Port Harcourt. What the governor is doing is to ensure that there is no longer concentration of development in Port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor. People can now go to rural areas. He is opening up the rural areas so that there will be job and employment opportunities for our people. In all sectors, he had performed.

All he requires from all of us is support and prayers. In hereby call on all Rivers people to give him the needed support because at the end of his tenure, Rivers people will know that they chose the right governor.”

On what the people of the state are celebrating today, Chief Amadi had this to say: “We are celebrating great achievements. Like I said before, the governor gave contracts for the building of 250 model primary schools, many are near completion, many have been completed. There are also secondary school buildings. There are cottage hospitals, 105 hospitals scattered all over the 23 local government areas. There is Braithwait memorial Specialist Hospital (BMSH) being built. If you go to the Rivers State College of Education, now Rivers State University of Education, work is going on, If you go to the state university of Science and technology, there is a new RSUST in the Greater Port Harcourt, work is going on. What about the Rumuola/Rumuokwuta Road? In the 23 local government areas, there are many roads and bridges. If you go to Ogoniland, there are roads and bridges. Those going to Opobo, have roads. There is the Andoni Unity Road. There are roads in the 23 local government areas of the State. The point is that he has performed, not only in Port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor. Even in the agriculture sector, I am of the opinion that people should embrace agriculture for food sufficiency and employment generation. Even in the provision of employment opportunities, the ministry of Empowerment and Employment Generation is doing its best to see that our people have placements in oil companies and other companies in the state. These are the things and many more we are celebrating.”

He is also happy with the government over its urban renewal programme which has seen the demolition of structures across Port Harcourt.

“The urban renewal approach to decongest Port Harcourt and to expand roads and demolition of all those buildings standing on drains is a good thing. Like I have always said, if my house is affected, it should be demolished. I know it is painful but at the end of the day, we will have a brand new city. So, the governor is doing a great job for our people. Why I said his government is different from other administrations is that decisions are taken and he implements them to the letter,” he said.

On the new model primary schools being built across the state, Chief Amadi said the gesture had transformed primary schools in the state from being mere glorified primary schools to centres of excellence, stressing that the schools would reduce the financial burden of parents who send their children to private schools.

“What the governor has done is to make a clarion call to parents to advise their children, the pupils to come and learn. Most parents can not pay exorbitant school fees charged by owners of private schools. So, a commendation should go to the governor. And we should thank God that we have a governor that is a governor of the people who feels the financial impulse of parents. Most parents have three, four and ten children in primary schools. But what the governor has done is to bring back the lost glory of our primary schools. Our primary schools were formerly like glorified primary schools. But now, most of the model primary schools are looking like university campuses,” he declared.

Commenting on the vision of the model primary school, Rumuomasi which he is supervising, he said the company handling the project believes that pupils in the state must learn in a good environment, and thanked the governor for giving owners of the company the opportunity to prove their mettle.

He, however, advised the governor to continue to hold unto God and to remain steadfast in serving Rivers people.

According to him, nobody can remove the governor from office except God because as he put it, it was God who destined him to be governor of the state.

His words: “Rulership is turn by turn. Today, it is an Ikwerreman. You don’t know where it goes tomorrow. But let us allow Governor Amaechi to be there. We allowed king Alfred Diete-Spiff. We should allow the governor to complete his good works. Let me tell Rivers people that nobody can remove him from power, only God. And because he is the man God has destined to be governor, anything that any man does to remove him, it is vanity. It will just fall like a pack of cards.”

He, therefore, called on members of opposition in the state to toe the line of Prince Tonye Princewill, the 2007 governorship candidate of the Action Congress (AC) who is currently drumming support for the Amaechi administration to enable Rivers people to enjoy more dividends of democracy.


Donatus Ebi