Van Vicker Captures Nollywood?


Ramsey Nuoah’s look alike, Van Vicker is currently the rave of the moment in Nollywood as the very handsome Ghanaian super actor has almost taken over the interest of movie makers and lovers in Nigeria.

It was gathered that most movie marketers cannot do without the Ghanian actor who is said to be currently the most busy actor in Nollywood.

Apart from the movie makers and marketers, Nollywood actresses are said to be after the handsome actor as they go extra miles to catch his attention. It was gathered that even though the Ghanaian actor is too busy interpreting roles without paying too much attention to the actresses, they still make sure he gets distracted by their sexy moves.

According to our source, even some of Nollywood star actors have developed deep interest for the Ghanaian born super star, but they are handling it with maturity. They, however, show their interest publicly by scolding the unpopular young ones who are likely to mar their closeness with the Ghanaian actor.

It was further gathered that Van Vicker who knew all the gimmicks put in place to get his attention is also enjoying the inhouse drama as that enables him to get the best out of who ever he is working with on set.

Our source also revealed that Van who has contributed immensely to the English movie industry in Nigeria is also stopping at nothing to arrest the feelings of movie watchers. A recent market survey shows that 85 per cent of present day movie watchers prefer to buy a movie where the Ghanaian actor’s face is displayed than any other movie.

However, the consolidation is that 90% of Ghanaian movies cannot survive in Nigeria market without the Nigerian actors and actesses.