Vox Popole Vox Dei …What The People See And Say


As the executive governor of Rivers State, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi marks his second year in office; reactions have trailed the impact of his administration on the state.

The Tide spoke with the following persons: – Dr. George Matthew Ela: President, African Youth Foundation For Peace and Community Development (A Non-Governmental Organization) (NGO) Excerpts:

It’s two years now Governor Amaechi has been in office. How would you access the impact of his administration on the state?

Taking into consideration, what has been happening within these two years, by my own judgement, I will score the governor a pass mark. The reason is that  there are a number of things that the governor has done that impacted positively on the lives of the people.

 I am a medical doctor and I go into the area of health. The 105 health centres some of which have been completed is a step in the right direction. This is because the primary health centres would cater for the primary health care delivery. All over the world, it is known that primary health care is the pivot of health for all. Since its inception in Nigeria, it has not actually been implemented either by the federal, state or local governments, but now Rivers State is focusing on this and it’s a good step.

The other thing is that I visit communities because my organisation is actually meant to look into developmental issues in rural communities and I am aware that most of these people have told us how they have received insecticide treated mosquito nets which is mant to help prevent malaria. Most of the rural dwellers have not really been enlightened as to the use and how much benefits they would derive from using the nets. Some of them are complaining that the nets generate a lot of heat.  For that reason they don’t use the net but then tell them that the cost of treating malaria or sometimes even losing a child to malaria far outweighs what ever inconvenience one may suffer from the heat caused by the nets.

Mrs. Modline Peterson – President, Virtuous Women Fellowship, Chapel Of Redemption:

In her response: Concerning the present administration and how it has fared said that this administration was midwifed by God. Why I have said this is because for the first time in my 40 years, I feel an administration reaching out to me though indirectly.

Governor Amaechi is a man that has a large heart because from what he has done so far you will see his clear heart.

He has kick started some projects.  For many years I have seen the school structures dilapidated. Roofs falling apart, children not having where to seat and what to write with. There have been infrastructures you can envy. But today, we look at them and we smile. We know that somebody somewhere is thinking of us.

Our roads now are different from what we used to have years back. In fact, he did not concentrate in the city alone but has moved into the rural areas. I have been opportuned to travel outside the country and I can tell you that the roads we have now can be compared to roads in any other developed country.

Take a look at the health sector, the Dental Clinic at Garrison that has been lying waste is almost completed. We are beginning to see something concrete, something futuristic from an administration.

Erekosima Onengiya: President, Niger Delta Non-Violent Movement

Excerpts: From my point of view, Governor Amaechi as a young man has a fine vision. So far so good, he has done well as a human being. He has done well because investors can be in this town. The impact of the things we are seeing is from the government alone.

Amaechi’s strength lies on his ability to forgive. He must try to forgive everybody who has offended the state. If he can forgive them, he can achieve more and the impact of his deeds will be felt more because we’ll have an atmosphere of peace where investors will come back.

We don’t know what the future holds for Niger Delta especially Rivers State. So we are pleading for our leaders to calm down and have the mind of Christ. With forgiveness, we will altogether build a society where there will be no violence, whoever takes the law into his hands would be dealt with according to the law.


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