Rivers-Born Author Wins Int’l Award


The general overseer of Kingdom of Heaven Ministry, Dr. Dikibujiri O. S. Akinda has won an international award of excellence through publishing of educative and sensitizing books.

Dr Akinda who hails from Bille, in Degema Local Government of Rivers State said, so far, over 20 books had  been written and sent abroad for a review which eventually scored him high because of his peculiar and captivating pattern of writing.

Speaking with The Tide On Sunday, Dr Akinda revealed that the award achievement began from 2003 to 2008 and had tremendously contributed to the improvement of the economies of other countries.

The author, a journalist by profession said the information and documents opened to him through the internet show that the value of literary writing is presumed to be an indispensable goal abroad, noting that this has encouraged sending in all his published books to various universities all over the world for evaluation and contest.

“In every contest, I participated I normally come out within 1st and 5th position which actually qualifies me for an award of excellence which eventually made me Web 2.0 citizen award 2007, I commend Sir Bob Young, the CEO of Lulu enterprise and team of experts for making it possible for  me to achieve this fame”.

Dr Akinda said with his achievement and experience, he was ready to impact it on the youths in the state and the country at large to enable them delve into meaningful and educative projects that would help them denounce militancy. 

He observed that the gun was no longer the ultimate but the pen, adding that due to his academic excellence, he was awarded a fellowship Doctorate Degree (FDD) and listed by the world university of America, on communication arts public administration.

He urged the state government to adopt the books written in the school curriculum so that the youths would also benefit from the knowledge and ideas put together. According to him, “these books had immensely improved the economy of other countries and so his country (Nigeria) should also be one of the beneficiaries.” 

Dr Akinda disclosed that  the Ministry of Education had adopted two editions of his books, but still wants the governor to have knowledge of his achievements and progress.

Dr Akinda who is a member of Africa and America Authors Association as well as IBM developers in USA said most of his works were by inspiration which touch the hearts of humanity on earth, stressing that his tongue and pen were like a broom that sweeps the nagging problems of the present dispensation into the abyss of no return.

He said his materials had settled several broken homes as well as being useful to leaders of thought. He noted that his career had been interspersed with various appointments both in private sector and the university.

Asiemiea Amachree