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3 Least Performing LGAs Should Be Punished – Danagogo



There are as usual, countless complaints among stakeholders of poor service delivery by local government councils in Nigeria. The same is true in Rivers State but even more so because, after Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi took over payment of primary school teachers, amounting to over N1.2 billion monthly, many believed that the councils would be better equipped to the delivery of quality services to their people.

What went wrong? What role had the supervising ministry in charge of local governments, chieftaincy and community matters played to check the trend? Infact, is there hope for the rural people, considering the winner-takes-all-approach to local government administration?

Who else to proffer answers to these and many more questions than Dr. Tammy Danagogo, the man who heads one of the most sensitive ministries that touch the lives of the rural people most, Local Government, Chieftaincy and Community Matters.

To do just to all these, Danagogo was guest of The Tide Round Table last week Thursday, and after two hours or so confessed that the experience was worth the while.

Following are first part of excerpts of the epoch encounter which we believe you’ll find most refreshing, cause we did.

Happy voyage.

Just before any question,  I think we ought to have the first thing first. For us, here, we known you.  For the public, who will you say you are?

Well, I am Dr. Tammy Danagogo, that is my name. I’m a lawyer by profession, graduated in 1990, I was called to Bar in 1991 and briefly, I did my youth service with National Concorde. I was like a press man.

I was a judicial correspondent for National Concorde in Lagos. I came back after my National Service. I was in legal practice between 1992 and 2003, 2004. I was elected local Government Chairman.

I finished my service there in 2007 and later 2007, I was appointed a Commissioner for Local Government, Chieftaincy and Community Affairs. So that is me, basically. coincidentally, I had my first degree, masters degree and Ph.D all in law and I had my Ph.D in human rights and dispute settlement – an aspect in public law. That is why I was saying that in totality as a former chairman I know what it means to be a chairman; I know the tricks some Chairmen can easily do. But for Chieftaincy and Community Affairs, a good knowledge of Law and dispute settlement or dispute resolutions is key. What we do there, Chieftaincy and community Affairs, almost, say 50 per cent of it have to do with dispute resolution.

Chieftaincy disputes, disputes between community and oil company and so on and so forth. Basically, that is Dr. Tammy Danagogo.

We can actually describe you as a two time Commissioner for Local Government/Chieftaincy Affairs how has it been?

Well, let me start by thanking you for this opportunity at least to rob minds with you, to brief you as it were what our ministry is doing. It’s been challenging. The Ministry of local Government, Chieftaincy and community Affairs is a very big and challenging ministry.

But by the grace of God, we are up to the task. I have very experienced workers, Directors and other technocrats who have always been of assistance to me whenever I need it. By the grace of God, I also happened to fit into what is required there, as a former Chairman, as a lawyer I think by the grace of God, we are doing well.

Let me quickly take you up on what you said last about the tricks of local Governments, with that kind of tricks, you said you have, one would have expected that local government chairmen, would just keep quiet and do their work the way it should be, but if what the governor said at the last stakeholders meeting is anything to go by no local Government is performing, how did they outsmart you?

From the point you are looking at it, well that is a very good way to look at it. Every person sees every issue from the point he is looking at. Just like the story of the elephant, and the seven blind people. Everybody will tell you based on where he is touching I want to say, I want to be challenged on that, it is not true that all the local Governments in Rivers State are not performing. Even the Governor did not say that. The Governor is challenging Local Government Chairmen to work and to work very hard.

And as a Ministry supervising them, we have always been telling the Governor that it is necessary for the Governor to challenge them.. It is necessary for the governor to admonish them so that they would work harder.

But that doesn’t mean that all the chairmen are not working. I can tell you that there are some chairmen who are doing very well. There are also Chairmen who are not doing well. So I can say that you are correct, infact that some are not doing very well but some are doing well. So they have not out-smarted anybody. We are making sure that those that are not doing well; we will catch up with them. They say that, there are many days for the thief.

You don’t just stand up and begin to just say a Chairman is not performing. You take into consideration all the indices and when you finished and when you make sure every other information you need added to it then you tell the Governor, this is this and you can come out boldly and say this Chairman is a failure. This Chairman is a success. That is why you have not seen me may be come out to tell you that local Government ‘A’ is a thief, B is not doing anything, local Government C is doing that.

I tell you that from our observations and the monitoring, we’ve been doing, some local Governments are doing well.

Such as?

I can tell you that before I start , let me tell a kind of may be lodge a caveat why you’ve not seen us come out with an official result of this Chairmen is the best, this chairman is the worst, before you come out with that kind of result, first and foremost you will have briefed  His Excellency. It is only after you have brief His Excellency that you can now come out and announce to the world.

That is why we hardly do, as a commissioner because the moment I make that statement it is supposed to take a stamp of finality, because the only person who can talk after that is the Governor, if I am talking, it means I have the approval of the Governor.

We don’t announce it because we are still in the process of getting the final approval of his Excellency. On what we have observed, we have been briefing His Excellency. Infact at the last count, even your paper published it.

His Excellency said O.k. Commissioner and Officers of the ministry, you have been assessing them this way. That is your assessment. I also want another team to join you.

He appointed the team he said that, I should appoint the Secretary, which I did. Let them also reconfirm some of these in this kind of thing, before you go out to say, the public officer is bad that is good, it is in law, we say it needs corroboration.

Other persons need to say that, yes, the commissioner said, I also confirm. Infact when we are setting up our own team, usually we make sure, we invite some external bodies so that when I said this Chairman is the worst, naturally, I expected that, he would go round shouting, he would cry wolves. He would say that, oh; the commissioner does not like me; the commissioner did it for one political reason or the other.

Politicians have a way of painting everything, making everything look light. So he would say. But when, he would say that, my only resort would be the fact that, these other people were also part of this exercise and they also said this. That is just trying to lodge small caveat before we begin to address the question of who are the Chairmen performing.

The society expects so much particularly in Rivers State where you have a Governor that is doing so well. He has raised the standard so people expect the kind of corresponding performance from Local Government Chairmen.

But where, I sit, I see how much they get , I see how much they spent on their staff. I see what is left, so, I tailor my expectation to meet what we know they have.

A follow up to this, now there was this Excellence in Local Government Initiative (ELGI) Award and there was an award ceremony where, local Government Chairmen were rated as first, second and third that report was turned to your Ministry and having selected the first, second and third, you must have also selected the worst three. Is it possible for us to have an idea of who they are?

This is one issue that becomes very topical at this point in our stewardship in this Ministry. The Excellence in Local Government Initiative is a sort of a joint exercise between the Ministry, Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency (RSSDA) and corporate organizations.

You know, when I started I told you that, certain local Government, I always as a policy, having been a Chairman I know that once Ministry comes out with a score so many of the Chairmen will challenge it. I started out looking for external collaborators, external Audits, those that will support me, that will support us, so that when I tell you this is the result, I will be telling you that is not some thing that was done by the Ministry alone.

Shell was part of it First Bank was part of it, Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency was part of it, Sosoliso was part of it, so if, I am politically biased against you what about First bank, what about others that is the idea behind excellence in local Government Initiative.

And the idea, very wonderful idea. When the idea came up, after my assessment of the Caretaker Chairmen. Because I did an assessment of the Caretaker Chairmen and I submitted to His Excellency. In submitting my assessment, I told His Excellency what we want to do and we are already talking with Sustainable Development Agency.

We are talking with these organs. Shell, First Bank and so on and the idea, is that when we come out with the result, we will look for a way of giving incentives to those who are doing very well.

And also punishing the worst three. Is a carrot and stick way and His Excellency approved it, to do it that way, because, he also saw that there is a big sense in that way of doing it. But a few things went wrong which we are trying to get right now.

The thing was supposed to be comprised of some of our own people who have been doing the assessment from the Ministry. Five from the Rivers State House of Assembly, and three from all the various collaborating Agencies and corporate bodies that is what we agreed, at the beginning. At the end we couldn’t come out with what we agreed.

The Agencies and corporate bodies just went ahead on their own and started assessing and came out with that result. The Ministry was not part.

You see, a few things are wrong with that result and that is why we could not wholly and even His Excellency cannot wholly rely on it, as a standard basis of this is the best Chairman and this is the worst Chairman. Why you, see when the Ministry’s Assessors are not part of what they did, I can tell you that no Professor any where in the world can come to Rivers state and assess local Government and do it better than us.

I started by saying that I know all the tricks the Chairman can pull. If you just wake up here now, you are an experienced man you have all the knowledge, but it is very easy to just trick you and make you score a chairman very high and how will he do it. All he needs to do is, projects that was executed by his predecessor he will just repaint them and show you that this is my project, Professor for God sake from the U.S. you don’t know what is happening in Abual/Odual, you don’t know what is happening in Akuku-Toru, you just be taken in by it. What a lot of Chairmen do repaint and repackage projects executed by others and present them and you score them based on that.

But if it is the Ministry Officials, who have been assessing we assessed the last Caretaker Chairmen appointed by His Excellency, so the moment you show me a project that was not executed by you, I will say no, we have assessed this project for so so. So that is what I tell people, I’m just the ceremonial head. I just want to make sure I see things for myself, but the technical assessment of the value of projects and everything is done by the technical group.

So that was done without this data. It is the officials in the Ministry who will give you the data of what level of development was there before this Chairmen came in. How much money has this Chairman received? How much of this money is he using to service his staff? We have a nominal roll of all local governments. We have their allocation figures. So nobody can deceive me. Our assessment is usually based on your staff strength and your allocation strength.

Nobody can come here now and tell me that a Local Government like Port Harcourt and Ogu/Bolo we should use the same yardstick to assess them, no. Because virtually, what Port Harcourt gets is almost about double what Ogu/Bolo gets. So can you say, if I am earning N20 million per annum and he is earning N10 million per annum, you expect two of us to do the same thing. It is not possible.

The bigger they earn the bigger the headache.

Yes, but there are parameters. But if PHALGA gets N20 million, what they spent on their staff is, say N5 million, meaning that they are supposed to be left with N15 million. And Ogu/Bolo gets N10 million and what they spent on the staff is N2 million, so meaning that what will be left for him is N8 million. So while assessing what I will be looking at what PHALGA has done with its N15 million and what Ogu/Bolo has done with N8 million.

If Ogu/Bolo man has executed projects worth, say N8 million, I will assess him hundred percent. If PHALGA man with his N15 million left executed projects worth N10 million, I will score him 67 percent or there about. So PHALGA would have executed projects worth N10 million, Ogu/Bolo N8 million. But I’m saying that Ogu/Bolo is a better chairman than PHALGA. One thing is that, we also as a Ministry expect that there is a given percentage of your allocation that you are supposed to give to each sector.

A chairman cannot tell me that he has spent all his money on security. If he is fighting a war, I will know. If there is a war situation I will know. If there is a situation of emergency that requires that high level of expenditure, almost always since I become Commissioner I know that His Excellency will intervene.

So it will not be for him alone. These are some of the things, they used to deceive outsiders. If you come for instance and you don’t know, they can tell you oh; security problem, I did this JTF this, JTF that, but he cannot tell me because, I know what aspect the Governor does and what he does. So these are all the problems we had with that assessment.

These areas were not there. The other part of it was that because this fact that our involvement which is very crucial was not there, although we jointly conceived and worked on the idea.

You find that the issue of punishing those who are not good, was not addressed, because we were not there.

Also the issue of incentive was done wrongly. Because when we conceived the idea, the incentive is not for the chairman, as I am today, if I do very well, and you are giving me a prize, you give to my Ministry, you can say, a dedicated project, then you give us hundred million, we can use it for a dedicated project. You don’t give me money, because all of us were sworn to different forms of oath, code of conduct, this or that code of allegiance and that. And code of conduct is clear, you don’t give incentives to public officers, personally, you can give, for instance, the way we conceived it, there will be some money for dedicated projects handed over to the Chairman, quite well. Go and built or do so or so projects in your LGA and we will come and commission it and announce that this was given to you and your local Government because you are the best Chairman. The mistake was also done there because I didn’t attend, because we wrote to them that we didn’t know when they went round. We didn’t know. We were not part of that. So we said look we have not gone round.  You don’t know how much each of these local governments have, some chairmen show them projects that were done by their predecessors and you are giving personal gift to them and these are not in consonant with the idea of this Excellence in Local Government Initiative.

So we did not attend, His Excellency also did not attend. But right now we are back to the drawing board. They came, they saw reason with what we said and they expressed sorry. We all agreed that is a very good idea, and we need to work together, so we are working together.

Sorry, talking about failure to punish poor performing local Government Area, only recently House of Assembly suspended two local Government Chairmen you have not punished; you have not warned did it embarrass you?

Well it did not embarrass me. You see, we are different organs of government. Every organ of government has its statutory or rather constitutional responsibility. Actually, if you look at the Rivers State, Local Government Law, it is the responsibility of the House of Assembly upon proper cause, may be petitions written to them to investigate any local government and recommend appropriate punishment; petitions were written to them, they investigated their petitions and they came out with their result. It is their statutory responsibility so I cannot be embarrassed because, they have the right to do it.

My own responsibility, like I said, after assessing, I will submit to His Excellency: His Excellency can punish them. In most cases through the House of Assembly. Either on grounds of misconduct, which can include fraud and all that or security ground. And then request the House of Assembly to ratify his decisions.

I will not directly punish them. That is why I told you that when we conceived the Excellence in local Government Initiative, the idea was that, the Ministry would bring five, the Assembly Committee on local Government would bring five persons. The idea is that it is a one in all kinds of exercise. Both the Assembly, the Ministry, external people everybody is now aware, this is the best Chairman, this is the worst chairman.

While the Governor, the corporate bodies are given incentives, Governor and the Assembly will be working towards punishing those who are not performing well. The Assembly don’t need to go back to reconfirm our recommendations of who to be punished, because they were also part of the process.

So are we to say that the ministry has no power to punish any erring local Government Chairman?

The Ministry has powers that are exercised through the Governor. We recommend to the Governor I cannot as a commissioner suspend the chairman. They are only two ways you can punish a Chairman. If not anything you do to him, is like water on duck fowl, The only two ways are; suspend or remove him, that is one.

The second is to detain his money. That is the only way. None of this, I can do without the Governor’s approval. Their allocations as they come from Federation account, the highest it can stay with me are three days. The Governor has given the right. I don’t even need to tell the Governor before releasing it to them. Because, he has delegated me as the Chairman of Joint Allocation Committee. So as soon as the money comes, three days is the highest, then if we are calculating and distributing, highest is three days, we release their money to them.

On no account do you delay it. So if you can’t delay the money you cannot deduct from it, you can’t punish them except you have approval and that must be on a very strong ground. So far we came, we have not delayed any local government Allocation.

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100 Days In Office: Wike Remains Nigeria’s Best Performing Governor



After the first 100 days of his well deserved second term, Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has lived up to the expectations of the people of the State. By far, he remains the best performing Governor in Nigeria. This is a position he intends to maintain till the expiration of his second mandate.

Right from the beginning of his second term, Governor Wike set out with an agenda to maintain the good works of his administration. All through the key sectors, the Rivers State Governor continued to deliver the very best for Rivers people.

Taking his oath for a second term, Governor Wike outlined the key areas that his government would concentrate on to improve the living standard of the people. On his inauguration day, Governor Wike assured Rivers people that he will tackle security, environmental sanitation, job creation, further infrastructural development, quality education for the people, improve healthcare, develop agriculture and economic development.

Since May 29, 2019, Governor Wike has kept his promise to the people of Rivers State. He has continued with infrastructural development, enhanced the state’s security architecture, developed a framework for environmental sanitation and set the framework for general economic development.


His commitment to the rapid growth of Rivers State is growing by the day. The results of his administration’s investments are visible, even to the most critical opponents.

There are pointers that Governor Wike will continue to wax stronger in governance as he progresses in his second term. He has launched key programmes in the education, health and security sectors of the economy.


One of the key achievements in the first one hundred days of Governor Wike’s second term is the abolishment of all forms of fees and levies in primary and secondary schools.

The Governor explained that his administration abolished all forms of fees to encourage less privileged parents to send their children to school.

By 2020, the Rivers State Government will commence the payment of fees for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) of Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) forms for all indigenes and non-indigenes in the state.

To improve the quality of education in the state, Governor Wike established the Committee for Accreditation and Approval of Private Schools. This committee has led to private schools improving the standard of their staff and facilities.

For public schools, Governor Wike has continued to develop quality facilities in the Basic, Senior Secondary and the Tertiary Education levels. Some of the projects executed across the education sector would be inaugurated as part of the governor’s first 100days.


The Health sector has received a major boost in Governor Wike’s First 100days in his second term . The administration has commenced the process of equipping recently completed Zonal Hospitals to take quality tertiary healthcare closer to the people.

The Zonal Hospital, Degema and Zonal Hospital, Bori, have been completed and the equipping process is ongoing. The final construction works at the Mother and Child Hospital are ongoing. The equipment of the Hospital are on ground for installation.

Governor Wike abolished the payment of user-fees for persons living with HIV/AIDS to ensure that more persons access treatment at state-owned health facilities. Governor Wike said that the state government will take over the payment of the user-fees to encourage more Rivers people to seek treatment for HIV/AIDS.


In the last 100days, the Rivers State Government has enterred into a partnership with the United States Centre for Disease Control to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike commended the United States Government for working with the State Government to reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the State.

Under this partnership, the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) administered by the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), U.S. Department of Defense, and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is implementing an Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) surge program in Rivers state to identify and provide treatment to approximately 180,000 PLHIV who have not previously received such.

Governor Wike has approved the commencement of public ambulance service by the State Ministry of Health. The Ambulances would be parked at strategic locations in major towns for the purpose of responding to distress calls. The phone numbers of the ambulance service have been circulated.


In the course of the first 100 days in office, Governor Wike has executed two key projects that will enhance the economic development of Rivers State.

The Fruit Garden Market and the Rumuwoji (Mile One) Market in the heart of Port Harcourt, are two projects that will help in empowering traders, promote safety and environmental sanitation. The Markets are set for business after Commissioning and the traders are happy.


Across the country, insecurity has become the order of the day. This further heightened by the failure of the Federal Government to properly fund the Federal Security agencies.

To promote security of lives and property in the state, Governor Wike launched a new security architecture, codenamed Operation Sting. This is a modern security outfit with the relevant technology, funding and logistics to tackle insecurity.

The State Government donated 116 Patrol Vans fitted with communication equipment to Operation Sting. The Administration also donated 8 armoured fitted gunboats, to tighten coastal security and protect the state’s waterways from the activities of criminals; 2 Armoured Personnel Carriers for Police swift response actions; 450 hand-held mobile radios to enhance communication.


In a bid to sanitise the streets and return Port Harcourt to its Garden City status, Governor Wike inaugurated the State Government’s Task Force on Street Trading, Illegal Markets and Motor Parks.

Inaugurating the Task Force   at the Government House Port Harcourt, Governor Wike said that the Task Force is a product of law, following his assent of the Rivers State Street Trading, Illegal Markets & Motor Parks (Prohibition) Bill No. 8 of 2019 .

The operatives of the Task Force were profiled by the Department of State Services and the Police.

The Task Force has started work. The results of their work have gladdened the hearts of Rivers people, with Port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor Local Government Areas regaining their beauty. The streets are wearing a new look with sanity and security .

Closely linked to this achievement is the improvement of environmental sanitation in the state capital.


As part of the 100days in office, Governor Wike will inaugurate some completed projects in different parts of the state. These projects emphasise the importance of accountability and service to the people.

The projects lined up for inauguration include: Bonny Street, AdakaBoro/Elliot Henry Streets, Community Secondary School, Ubima Birabi Street , Rumukwurusi Elelenwo – Akpajo road and Sea bed Model School.

Others are: Rumuwoji Market, –   Government Craft Centre, Civil Servants Quarters, Real Madrid Academy; SUG Secretariat RSU , Fruit Garden Market , Rivers State NLC Labour Secretariat and Shell Location Road, Rumuepirikom.


After the first 100days of the second term, the Wike Administration will roll out another set of major projects undergoing finishing touches. These projects include the Mother and Child Hospital, the Government Secondary School, Abua, the Zonal Hospitals in Bori, Degema and Ahoada, Judges Quarters among others.


The first 100days of Governor Wike’s second term has shown that the administration is still recreating the state. He is still in the business of building a new Rivers State.

The Governor is carefully applying scarce resources to ensure Rivers State gets value for money. It is obvious that the State is on the right path to the consolidation of development. Truly, Rivers people were right to insist of the re-election of Governor Wike.



The Nigerian Ambassador to Spain, Susan Aderonke Folarin has commended the Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike for his love for children.

She also applauded the governor for investing in the development of youths and also ensuring that the talents abound them do not go to waste.

Ambassador Folarin gave the commendation when she played host to the players of Banham Model School Port Harcourt who have been sponsored by the Rivers State Government on a two-week training programme to the prestigious Real Madrid Academy, Spain.

She urged the boys to be good Ambassadors of Nigeria wherever the future takes them.

Ambassador Folarin did not forget to applaud the efforts of their sponsor and Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike.

While thanking God for the privileges they’ve enjoyed, the boys also did not forget to thank the Rivers State Government for investing in them.

With their visit finally over, the boys then proceeded then headed back to the Real Maddrid Academy to continue with their training programme.



Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has declared that his administration is developing the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park into a major global tourist attraction.

Addressing journalists on Friday after inspecting the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park Cinema completed by his administration, Governor Wike said that key facilities are being developed to improve the quality of experience at the Park.

He described the new Cinema Constructed within the Park as a five star facility that raises the standard of entertainment available to people in the Niger Delta.

”We have just completed a five-star cinema within the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park. This cinema is about the best in the country.

”It will offer first class entertainment to the people of the region and beyond. Instead of going to Dubai for relaxation and tourism, you come over to Port Harcourt to enjoy the pleasure of this Park “, he said.

Governor Wike said that the Rivers State Government will continue to develop new facilities that will complement existing structures within the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park.

The Governor said that the new Cinema would be thrown open to the Public after the Commissioning programme on September 11, 2019.

He said that his administration is determined to ensure that the beauty of Port Harcourt is restored and Port Harcourt made a major tourism destination in the country.

Governor Wike expressed happiness that sanity is returning to the streets of Port Harcourt, with the Task Force on Street Trading, Illegal markets and motor Parks doing a splendid job.

Governor Wike also inspected ongoing projects in GRA and other parts of Port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor Local Government Areas.

He said that the administration will roll out several projects to mark the first one hundred days of his second term.

Nwakaudu is Special Assistant to Rivers State Governor on Electronic Media.

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100 Days In Office: Gov Wike, Best In Nigeria-Residents



Residents of Port Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers State bare their minds in view of the developmental strides of Governor Nyesom Wike, who has made marks in the business of governance in the state, especially as he marks the first 100 days in his second tenure, where numerous projects executed by his administration are ready for commissioning.


Comrade Ndubueze Eze, Chairman, Mile One Market Traders’ Association (MOMTA) My reaction to the governor’s 100 days in office is that within the space of four and half years in the saddle of governance of Rivers State, he was able to keep to his electioneering promises, especially on projects execution and service delivery to Rivers people.
The governor has carved a development niche for himself by giving the traders a new lease of life, where he built one of the best markets in Africa with standard and lasting facilities for the accommodation of traders who had yearned for such opportunity before now.
As Chairman of Mile 1 Market Traders’ Association, I have travelled far and wide in West Africa, I have never come across any project of this magnitude before now. I, therefore, appreciate the governor’s good gesture in this direction.
We the traders, have resolved to rally round His Excellency for more positive development in the years ahead, while wishing him better years with divine strength , focus, direction and protection in the leadership of the state.

Comrade Sunny
Oko-Jaja, Labour Leader Governor Nyesom Wike has remained the people’s leader who deserves more heights in the saddle of governance of the oil-rich state since assumption of power some four and half years ago.
In view of his style in leadership, even a blind man can attest that the award-winning Mr Projects was able to build bridges of development across the state, within the past years, where numerous projects have been earmarked for commissioning to commemorate his first one hundred days in government, such as the Mile One and Fruit Garden Ultra-modern markets with international-standard facilities that stand the test of time.

Anyone with clear eyes will see that the governor has been able to prove enemies of the state wrong by providing unprecedented development projects to Rivers people, thereby putting smiles on their faces, especially the traders who lacked conducive environment to do their business.
Wike deserves more encomiums and remains the best performing governor in Nigeria, based on physical development, which would soon be unveiled for use.

Engr. Benedict Nwaorehu, Tourism Expert Governor Nyesom Wike will soon mark his first one hundred days in office with the commissioning of numerous development projects, including a world-class cinema hall at the Pleasure Park, Port Harcourt, ultra-modern markets at Mile 1 and Fruit Garden along Kaduna street in Port Harcourt, modest in all educational structure with standard facilities at Government Craft Development Centre and the Real Madrid Football Academy at Elekahia heros and the Students’ Union secretariat at the Rivers State University, among others which speaks volume for this administration.
The governor, as a tourism-friendly leader, was able to tackle insecurity which, before now, battered the state with cultism, militancy and other social vices being gradually phased out. Wike’s governance style remains the best across Africa and, therefore, I commend him and his team for these achievements so far in governance and assure of my support to this well articulated gesture as he celebrates and commission of these projects.

Mrs Ngozi Toby, Technician
The giant strides recorded by Governor Nyesom Wike’s administration, thus far, are legendary and are testaments of his forthrightness and uncommon vision to leave Rivers State better than he met it on May 29, 2015, we are particularly gladdened by the wonderful love and affection he had shown to stronger elements in the state.
By the bold steps of the governor to provide for the people, numerous developmental projects across the 23 local government areas of the state, his name is written in gold to prove wrong detractors who never wished the state well. For providing world-class structures and facilities in all the areas to be commissioned, he was able to fulfill his electioneering campaign promises to the people some years ago remain indelible in the hearts of Rivers people.
As he celebrates his first one hundred days anniversary and the commissioning of projects, I salute his diligence and persevering spirit. I pray that God Almighty will preserve, protect and direct his path in the years ahead.

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100 Days: ‘Gov Wike, Best In Nigeria’



Alhaji Ibrahim Hero Aliu
Vice Chairman, Fruit Garden Market Association You don’t know how excited I am towards Governor Nyesom Wike.
We know these projects, some of which he has been doing while in leadership since 2015 to date as remarkable, result-oriented and dynamic.
I know he has a good plan on how to commission the markets, among others, as well as the sharing formula of each stall and shed to traders without conflict. I pray for a successful celebration.
We, the Fruit Garden traders are solidly behind the governor for all these testimonials as he bequeaths to the people meaningful developmental projects.
The governor to me is traders-friendly due to his care for us since he became governor in 2015. Apart from assisting us financially after the fire incident, he assured us of providing an enabling environment for doing our business, he was able to accomplish such promise.
Apart from the markets, roads, schools and hospitals, the welfare of the people had been taken care of by the talk-and-do governor.
Above-all, we salute His Excellency for the rare service to humanity. We pray for good health, more vision and wisdom in the governance of the state with more projects to the shame of his detractors.
Once again, we commend the governor and also assure him and his government of our unflinching support to enable him continue to discharge his functions effectively, especially as he marks his first one hundred days in office in this second term.

Engr Obari Ozigi, Educationist
It is a thing of joy to experience the dividends of democracy at the grassroots through the efforts of Governor Nyesom Wike since he assumed responsibility of the state over four years ago.
The governor has created a marvelously conducive environment and world-class structures and facilities today in all the public schools to enable children, especially those in the state, to benefit under his government.
For instance, the governor was able to put lasting structure and equipment at the Government Craft Development Centre (GCDC) on Aba Road whose facilities before now were found to be decayed and abandoned by previous administrations in the state. I really appreciate the governor for giving hope to the children of this institution by providing well-refined educational facilities to enable them achieve the best in life.
I also appeal to him, as he marks his first one hundred days in office, to extend his educational largesse to the rural areas especially by siting a technical college in each of the 23 local government areas of Rivers State for those out there to benefit from this wonderful dividend.
We at the GCDC assure him of our unalloyed loyalty and support to enable him do more?

Dr Oluchi Oguzie, Administrator
Your Excellency, Chief Nyesom Wike, Governor of our dear Rivers State, you have really done well in governance by providing democracy dividends to the people of the state, especially on service delivery in the area of projects execution which stands as testament of good governance. It is unbelievable to behold the meaningful development projects executed being commissioned, within a short time period. By this singular performance, Mr Projects has been able to fulfill his promises to the people on service delivery in his second term.
I, therefore, use this opportunity to commend the dexterity of the governor while celebrating his administration’s first one hundred days in office.

Comrade Emeka John-Africa, Secretary, Rivers State Zonal Market Association
It is noteworthy of the stride of Governor Nyesom Wike in the pinnacle of power for being able to provide succour at least to Rivers people, in the provision of lasting structure in the case of the Labour House which had been abandoned years back by previous leadership.
While the governor is on course to commission these wonderful projects, I commend his feat and urge the people to reciprocate such gesture for him to do more.
As you match towards greatness in governance of the state, we remain committed towards actualizing the goals of your administration. I thank you for showing quality leadership dexterity for blissful future for Rivers State.

Lolia Wariso, Student
I use this opportunity to appreciate our indefatigable and development-minded Governor, Chief Nyesom Wike, for placing high premium on the education of students, especially Rivers children as he has been able to accommodate them in his government policies and programmes. I commend Mr Projects and students-friendly governor for giving the students a world-class secretariat at the Rivers State University, Nkpolu, Port Harcourt.
I pray the Almighty God to give him more wisdom, vision and strength to forge better in the saddle of power.
With these strides, I doff my hat for this unique father of all fathers in Rivers State in particular and the Niger Delta region in general. Once more, Rivers Students remain loyal and supportive to your government as you mark your one hundred days in office. Congratulations, sir!

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