Are They Really Weak?


Julie Jumbo

Most men call them the weaker sex, some say they are too lazy for comfort while others conclude they complain about every little effort or service they render.

These are the descriptions of women by our menfolk.

Weaker sex indeed! It is pertinent to note that women contribute meaningfully to the upkeep of their homes, so why must their efforts, no matter how little not be noticed, appreciated and rewarded accordingly.

No woman sits down at home nowadays as full time or centre table house wife.

They toil day and night to supplement the effort of their husbands. They carry available loads, peel all the oranges during the season and travel distances mostly by night in rickety vehicles to buy items to sell for survival. It is very unfair to womanhood that there effort is not commended.

This same weaker sex wrap babies on their back while performing their domestic duties. There are families who live in storey buildings and have no regular supply of water, it is the weaker sex that places a bucket on her head to get water for household use. In a typical African society, those are the obligation a woman owes her family. A typical African culture demands that the woman sits at home and takes care of her family. She knows nothing like education or job. The man goes to the farm or to the stream to fish while she tidies up the home and prepares any available food for the man or possibly takes it to the farm.

Civilisation has introduced to the society a culture of education and job opportunities for the women. Those who for one reason or the other could not acquire education go into trading.

To be candid the period of maize roasting and oranges is now on.

Also plantain roasting with fish. Women are seen everyday carrying loads on their heads, shoulders and a baby wrapped on their backs jet they are the weaker sex.

For no reason would she return home after much ‘blessings’ from the sun and rain, refuse her man his meal. She must run into the kitchen to prepare his meal.

Yet, they are the weaker sex. If it were possible for men to carry pregnancies, I believe they should be given a chance so that the pains would be felt by both parties. Women are weaker sex. Jet they move all movables during pregnancy indeed.

Tight brings out the beauty in you as you can see with our model in this photograph.
Tight brings out the beauty in you as you can see with our model in this photograph.