Group CommendsYar’Adua Over Amnesty


The Niger Delta Target Peace Movement has commended President Musa Yar’Adua for the bold steps taken so far in declaring amnesty for the Niger Delta militants. However they accused the region’s governors of using the demand for resource control to fuel militancy in the region.

The group made this known Wednesday during a press briefing held in Asaba, Delta State capital while reacting to the President’s amnesty to militants of the region.

Speaking through its National President, Prof. Somayina Gabriel Nwoko, they described the federal government as the highest peace making body in the nation which is fully aware of peace making processes as well as an important member of the United Nations that knows the right thing to do as, according to them, failure to do so would have been something else.

While saying that the Niger Delta sub-region has been relishing on the massive infrastructural development taking place in the sub-region aimed at increasing the welfare and real income of her people they noted that “The nation cannot glory in all the above and still harbour festering militant agitation with her borders”.

The retired Professor of Agricultural Economic, University of Ibadan noted that since the federal government has taken the bold amnesty step to peace, which has multiplied freedom of speech, movement and assembly in the sub-region “We the peace lovers will like to ensure that the stages of amnesty implementation are comprehensive and practically exhaustive of the cures of the illegal causes of violent agitation.

The group disclosed that it shall complement the government’s programme by interacting with resource agitators to encourage more acceptability of the amnesty, bare their minds on what else they will like to be included in the amnesty programme and to suggest what they will like to be done for parents with zero income because of zero productive land and water based economic activities.

The group however vowed to unearth whatever the federal government may be sweeping underground even as they challenged the region’s governors to declare their stand in one voice. “If they support the amnesty and resource control simultaneously they will be incoherent, inconsistent and illogical because their resource control pronouncements have fuelled militancy all the years.