Perm Sec Donates Fund For Workers’ Welfare


In a bid to assist female workers in the Rivers State Ministry of Sports, the outgone Permanent Secretary, Mr Bernard Deemua has donated the sum of N50,000.00 for the establishment of an interest free loan in the ministry.

Deemua made the donation during the sends-forth party organised by the ministry’s female workers on Friday.

The former Permanent Secretary, who indicated his intention to add another N50,000.00 if the money is well managed, said his aim was to ensure that they were not overburdened taking such ‘small facilities.’

He advised the workers to make “probity, equity and accountability their watchwords”, as they discharge their duties in the ministry.

“May we learn to live together and build relationships of justice, love, peace and understanding”, he said.

He expressed his love for the feminine gender and advised them to always take their job seriously.