Ani Advises YWCAN Members … On Objectives Of Assocition


The first Nigerian vice president of the World Young Women Christian Association (WYWCA) and National President, Young Women Christian Association of Nigeria (YWCAN), Lady Comfort Ani, has called on members of the association to remain focused at all times in order to achieve the aims and objectives for which the body was formed.

Mrs. Ani, who made the call in a chat with journalists in Enugu shortly after the end of the 2009 Synod of the Enugu Diocese of the Anglican Church, held at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, noted that the world movement that presently has over 55 million women and girls as members work for humanity.

According to Lady Ani, who is also president of African Young Women Christian Association’s Network (AYNET), the work of the association include caring, housing capacity building, counseling, rehabilitation as well as advocacy for battered people.

Describing the association as very gender sensitive and youth focused, Lady Ani expressed happiness that they have raised a lot of people, helping most of them find a home of their choice, revealing that a lot of children in nursery schools have also been assisted by the association.

She, however, commended one time president of YWCAN, Dr. [Mrs] Joy Nwashili, for being the brain behind most of the activities as she has on her own inaugurated other branches of the body within the former Anambra State which include Enugu and Ebonyi States.

Asked how she was able to be elected president of different bodies of the association at different elections, Lady Ani further said: “It is not by coincidence but by the will of God that I will stand up to say that I am President of this and president of that. One does not follow the other. I ran the elections differently in different countries. And it was the will of God I should become even when I was expressing unwillingness to cope with the work”.

Continuing, Lady Ani equally said: “I am a shameless preacher of the word of God. I am a bus preacher. I go around nations to preach the word of God. It is the source of my strength that I cannot be derailed”.

Commenting on the major problem now facing the association, Lady Ani added: “The main problem behind the crisis in YWCAN was that YWCAN had a priced piece of land at No 1 Obideyi Close South West, Ikoyi. And a group of YWCAN members rose up about four of them without re-course to YWCAN and without any body knowing and sold the piece of land to one of the banks in Lagos for 120 million”.

Appealing to all members of the association not to be disturbed, Lady Ani further said. “YWCAN is still intact. We are still following our constitution. We are pursuing our objectives and goals and we are achieving them. In fact for the first time after 103 years of YWCAN in Nigeria, a Nigerian became the vice president of the world-wide Young Women Christian Association”.

On her advice for members of the “dissident group”, rather than advising them, Lady Ani called on all members of the association to pray for them because “ they are lost sheep so that God will touch their heart to come back because God does not want to destroy anybody he has created”.

Also speaking, former president of YWCAN and one of the trustees of the association, Dr. (Mrs) Joy Nwashili, described the attitude of some members of the association as very unfortunate.

Lady Ani, she went on, was not ready to be bought over by “the people who want to be stealing money that does not belong to them”.

She, therefore, enjoined all members of the association to remain calm and prayerful as one with God is majority, adding that sooner than later the storm would be over to the glory of God, she stressed.