GM Calls For Training Of SWAN Members


The General Manager of Bayelsa State Radio Corporation, Clinton Thompson has reiterated the need to organise workshops/seminars for the members of Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN).

The Manager, who made this known in an interview with newsmen in Port Harcourt, said that sports reporting is the most specialised and technical aspect of journalism and so there is need for reporters to be properly grounded for effective output.

The Bayelsa Radio boss said that there was need for SWAN leadership to organise training for members to aid them in reporting different sports.

He noted that such trainings would aid sports reporters to be more professional in their writings.

The General Manager, who was a former chairman of SWAN in Rivers State noted that the organisation of such seminars, using good resource persons, would put SWAN members in proper shape and shift attention from entrepreneurship kind of reporting going on at the present time.

He also called for the “re-organisation of SWAN” stating that quacks should not be given the chance to ridicule the association.

Thompson continued that the association was virile, with programmes such as seminars and workshops during his time.

He noted that the inability of most members to report different sports has been the reason for the concentration on football at the expense of other sports.