Eze Ndigbo Title Holders Face Arrest In Lagos


Anyone who parades himself as Eze Ndigbo in Lagos is now to be arrested as the ban placed on the use of the title is still in force.
The Lagos State government, which ordered the arrest of any Igbo chief who parades himself with the title, made this known at a recent meeting with representatives of Igbo speaking community in the state.
The State Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Prince Rotimi Agunsoye, who addressed the meeting emphasised that anyone driving a vehicle with the inscription, His Royal Majesty, Eze Ndigbo, or poses as one, a title already proscribed by the state government, would be arrested for flouting the laws of the state.
“If you go to Rome, you live like the Romans. If you go to the United Kingdom where they have their laws, do you now take your own laws there and operate it? No”, he argued.
An Igbo high chief, Innocent Ohri, who spoke at the meeting, said the issue of Eze Ndigbo was beyond debate as they have dissolved all factions until an election was held. He continued that they were attending the meeting to get more clarification from government.
Said Mrs. Ifeoma Oguine, Women leader of Igbo Community, Lagos State: “We don’t support Eze Ndigbo, we won’t take the state government to court. Those fighting to retain the title are doing so for their own selfish interest. Their actions are now depriving us of what we should get from the state government”.