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It’s Time to Understand the SEO Evolution Curve over the Years



You can’t learn and master SEO within a short period. You will have to be patient. The subject is vast. And the interesting matter is, whenever there’s a change in Google algorithms, SEO trends also change. If you are keen to learn about SEO, you need to invest ample time and energy on the subject.

Right from the inception of SEO, the digital marketers have implemented several online strategies to make sure that their sites would enjoy increased online visibility on the SERP’s. But today, with the growing competition for the market share, it becomes rather complicated for start-up and small-scale businesses to stand in competition with the big business houses and successful online sites. They find it challenging to attract more organic traffic and increase their customer base. However, with the useful options such as paid ads, link building, social media interactions, email marketing and the other, there’s ample help at hand. And all these channels today are supported with other channels like video, image and voice search as well. There’s also artificial intelligence now to add to the list. To know more about this, you can get in touch with Golden Search Advantage.

The one for all and all for one online campaign

The moment SERP got supplemented through link building as well as other initiatives, for generating a considerable amount of significant site traffic; it naturally became evident that merely attracting the online visitors weren’t sufficient. The moment the visitors arrived, they needed to get influenced to spend adequate time to make a purchase, study and fill out necessary forms, respond to a CTA (Call to Action) like submit email id, complete registration, share feedback or download an eBook. The conversion rate optimization is beneficial. It helps in checking those boxes that impacts the online visitors purchasing decision and encourages them in completing a commercial transaction.

Going forward, after a certain point in time the SEO focus started to become all about user experience. It meant that right from the time an online visitor arrives in a site, it is essential for the site to allow smooth site navigation. Also, the content needs to be user-friendly and not verbose. The content should address the customer’s pain points and help in maximizing the leads or sales. Good rankings alone are not sufficient enough to fulfil this target. There are few other tools, such as the PPC (Pay Per Click) ads that can also contribute to making SEO beneficial for a company.

The advent of new search types

Today, the way people make an online search has become essential. It is as crucial as to where they place their online search. The image, voice and video search options are becoming extremely prevalent. It primarily holds true for mobile users. Hence, the conventional campaigns that comprise of the tools mentioned above, will have to incorporate the tools and initiatives mentioned below.

The Significance of Video Search

Today, it is slightly challenging to index a video on Google. There are many ways to maximize your scopes for indexing your videos:

  • Make sure you select the correct hosting platform

Choose a platform for your video, based on your objectives. When you do your research ensure that the platform you finally choose comprises of in-depth analytics. It will be required so you can keep track of the evaluation of the objective. A few prominent platforms like YouTube and Wistia contain ways to personalize the entire content, such as alternating the content run-through speed.

Regardless of the platform, a useful video strategy is sharing informative feeds daily. The “how to videos” are best, and they often get a link back to the company site. Ensure that you keep using useful information to customize the content depending on the way customers communicate with the videos. It can help in enhancing the SEO campaigns as well as the site user experience.

  • Add in video transcript

Not many people want to make use of headphones and take notes! You need to offer the scope to the online users for downloading a PDF or send an email having the transcript. You can also get the users to sign-up to a form, by making them receive the transcript. It will help in creating a list for assisting other marketing practices, for instance, email marketing. It is also found, that when you place the transcript choice atop the fold, the conversion rates increase.

  • Add in a thumbnail

You need to ensure that yours is compelling, customized, relevant, attractive and engaging.

  • Add a description and title

Make sure to add description and title! Also, add all the keywords to make the content appealing to read.

  • Ensure that the video becomes the page focus

Do you want to ensure that your web page is indexed? If yes, then the concerned page content should be relevant for the video. Furthermore, you also have to get it optimized for better results. Make sure that you reach out to an expert SEO professional or a service agency to get adequate help on this. Being in the business for a long time, they know what’s best for improving your site’s pages.

  • Use other SEO initiatives for supplementing

This is an important step because it makes sure that your video gets found in the customer searches.

The functional relevance of voice search

Similar to the manual text searches, the ultimate objective for the voice search optimization is for the voice-activated equipment, which offers good outcome for the users. Hence, the machines will seek relevant and short content to cater to the searchers. Here are a couple of things that you need to remember.

  • Make use of the critical long-tail keywords

Such keywords are generally more likely to get indexed instead of the single-word keywords due to the conversational factor present in the voice search.

  • Make sure to optimize Google My Business Listing

It is significant information for potential users and it has a chance to maximize your possibilities of getting listed in the SERP depending on the business category or the locality.

  • Develop the FAQ pages

It is essential to incorporate the FAQ pages in your corporate site. Such pages easily accommodate the long-tail as well as the conversation keywords, that the voice search bots prefer more. For instance, “Chinese Restaurant” is highly vague. You need to know that a voice search user might ask you, “Alexa, where will I get the best Chinese chicken in Huntington within an hour.” It is essential to cater to these types of queries online.

  • You can deploy a well-structured data mark-up

It indicates that you need to use precise schemas. The objective for the optimizers along with content developers is to develop pages that comprise of content snippets. And this could answer the hypothetical questions briefly that the users might ask.

The Advent of Artificial Intelligence

In recent times, the discovery of smart TV’s can identify the choicest titles sources from a film library. A simple line of the film that’s voiced by the user might offer data about the film star cast; mellow the lights in viewers’ room, and provide other options as well.

The world today is opening up new challenges for AI (Artificial Intelligence). How would you or your website interpret this for maximizing customer satisfaction? Alternatively, do you want to strengthen the customer experience? For that, you have the chance to resort to AI to generate customer assistance. You need to select an AI that enables the apps and CRM’s to recognize the tone that the customer has. And this naturally triggers the effective, timely and suitable follow-up actions as well.

It has been observed, that for years SEO has been the root for influencing online searchers to visit specific sites. In addition to foundational SEO there are other secure vertical tools that shouldn’t be left out. It is the support services that have opted-in for aspects like social media, CRO, PPC and the like. Other things to pay attention to here are email marketing and social media engagements. You can also choose to opt-in for the same if you think it’s necessary.

The unified goal of all the above-mentioned initiatives should continue to attain long-term success in online business. Irrespective of the enterprise size, you can get this accomplished simply by first anticipating and then catering to the various user requirements.

Furthermore, you can use online text to voice software to convert all your written text into realistic AI voices. With the help of this tool, you can add voiceovers for your video in different languages.

SEO has always undergone massive change and will keep on doing so. Hence, it is essential to ensure that the users as well as the companies keep in the mind the above aspects. It is essential that you know about the way SEO has progressed so far and envision your SEO success. Once you do that you need to relay the same to your service provider. An expert service provider will consider all these aspects and come up with the best SEO strategy that works for you.   When you follow the best practices, the SEO changes for your own company too are going to be productive.

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Virtual Learning, Setback To Accommodation Investments –Report



Advent of the 6th Generation Network (6G) technology would hamper accommodation investments globally, especially the student accommodation, a report of new Estate Intel has indicated.
The report, titled, “The next frontiers of growth in African real estate, 6G, and alternative asset classes”, noted that the advent of 6G by the end of this decade would spur more schools to migrate from physical classrooms to virtual learning, which would have adverse impact on student accommodation investments.
“If we look at student accommodation in developed countries, such as the United Kingdom, or the United States of America, we would see great developments in the last 30 years.
“But today, the world is different and tomorrow would even be far more different. With the advent of 6G by the end of this decade, holograms will become a reality.
“And, therefore, teaching mode will be very different from the one we know today, where we will move from a physical mode to a virtual mode. This will have an impact on student accommodation.
“We all know in key markets such as Nairobi, Lagos, Abidjan, Senegal, among others, there are growing numbers of students locally and regionally as these cities are hubs in their respective regions.
“But then, the question I have is what will be the future of student accommodation with education being done in the Metaverse”, the report stated.
It further claimed that environment, social and governance, 6G, and alternative asset classes were the next growth frontier for commercial real estate globally, adding that Africanising the 6G agenda was very essential.
Speaking on office spaces in the future, the Estate Intel asserted that gone are the days when massive office spaces were needed, describing that this can be seen happening internationally, where remote work wiped US$450bn (the size of Nigeria’s GDP)off office real estate.
“We in African cities should pre-empt so that we don’t create an oversupply of offices. Again, it will be stress that the advent of 6G in a short while, will radically change the way we work”, the report urges.

By: Corlins Walter

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Firm Calls For Partnership With FG On Bridge In Real Estate 



A Nigerian Tech Firm, PX PropertyHub, has called for partnership with the Federal Government in order to showcase its efforts to bridge the gap in the real estate sector.
The General Manager, Operations/Legal of the company, Barr. Nonye Nwabueze, made the remark during the official unveiling of the firm’s innovative online real estate platform in  Abuja, recently.
Nwabueze said there was a need for collaboration with the Federal Government to help Nigerians build long lasting wealth through Real Estate, leveraging on technology and experience.
“The Federal Ministry of Works and Housing is doing so much in this regard, trying to create several mortgage financing activities.
“We are calling for partnership to showcase what the Federal Government is equally doing in the sector to provide affordable housing for Nigerians and checkmate the activities of fraudsters in the sector”, she said.
She noted that the new technological-driven option by PX PropertyHub stands out, saying that it was  a massive and fast-growing digital platform.
“The platform showcases available property to everyone resident in and anywhere in the world. It is a global platform and we are not stopping at this.
“We also have what we call ‘PX Stay’, where we equally showcase hotel owners, apartments, car rentals and others. Jt is actually a listing platform for anyone who wants to buy, sell or rent genuine properties,” she said.
Chief Charles Ndudim, a beneficiary of the platform, said the issue of housing must be treated as a fundamental basic right of every citizen in the country.
He said the Federal Government and the corporate world must collaborate to deal with the issues and challenges in the real estate sector just as is being done in other climes.
“In other developing countries such as Nigeria, to deal with the issue of housing, we have to see it as a fundamental human basic right of every Nigerian.
“Every man under the sun needs a roof over his head, but there are economic implications and challenges in the sector as not everybody can afford it.
“However, what other developing countries have done is to find ways of creating intervention programmes for the poor people, especially in the rural areas”, he said.
“So, government and the corporate world must come together and collaborate in such a way as what PX PropertyHub is doing to aggregate all these houses and make them visible to meet the needs of all Nigerians.
“I, therefore, encourage everyone to take advantage of this revolutionary platform that is making life easier like Amazon and the likes,” he said.
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Chuka Okafor, said he is a young entrepreneur who saw a gap in the real estate sector and decided to proffer solutions to the issues and challenges in the sector.

He stressed the need for investors to take advantage of the hassle-free and convenient platform to rent and purchase their house dreams.
Okafor said the platform can also connect holiday makers with preferred hotel and any tourist destination.
“PX PropertyHub is a modern Real Estate Platform, connecting buyers, sellers and owners with the industry’s top professionals through technology that empowers you by making all things Real Estate simple, intelligent and seamless.
“We have built our Real Estate Hub to serve as a platform that streamlines the tedious process of selling, buying, renting, managing, and financing property”, he said.

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Delta Poly Invents Smart Campus, Solicits For Funds



Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku (DSPG), has developed a prototype of a “Smart Campus” expected to operate with technological systems, regulate movement and ensure digitisation.
The Rector of the institution, Prof. Emmanel Achuenu,  while elaborating on how the smart campus works, said the institution was technologically-driven with research results and development in Abuja during the week.
Using their campus as a case study, Achuenu said they deployed solar energy to power the model campus.
“We decided to deploy solar energy in increasing the provision of energy to a model campus like this. In our campus, we have a solar laboratory where students are supposed to be trained on how solar functions and the installation, but we have gone ahead to run an institution like this with solar generators”, he said.
Achuenu added that they also tried to put a security system in place to monitor movement within the campus using smart Identity cards configured for each student and staff at the entry point of the institution.
“For you to be able to secure this system, every student and staff in the environment is supposed to have a smart ID card we configured according to the need.
“To enter the gate, all you need to do is swipe your card in the smart system provided there and you gain access”, he said.
He, however, solicited funding from agencies of the government to support the institution to be able to move all their ideas and technologies beyond prototype.
”We are asking for any funding agency to come to our support so that we can mass produce the majority of what we have here. If we can have our automatic detectors in every environment, it will help check on our security challenges”, he said.
The Tide’s Source recalled that DSPG participated at the just-concluded Science, Technology and Innovation expo and had other products on display.
The other products included: Juice extractor, peanut coating machine, ice block making machine, automatic hand washing machine, ventilator and melon shelling machine.

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