RSG Tasks Opposition On Constructive Criticisms


The Rivers State Government (RSG) has called on opposition political parties to support the Governor Nyesom Wike-led administration to develop the state, rather than engaging in unnecessary criticisms.
This is as it said the olive branch the governor extended to the opposition does not preclude them from expressing their feelings if they feel aggrieved, but that it should be done through lawful channels.
The State Commissioner for Information and Communication, Barr. Emma Okah made the call when he appeared as a guest in a Radio programme in Port Harcourt monitored by The Tide, weekend.
According to Okah: “There is this misconception that when you are in opposition, you are an enemy of government or you must be hostile to government.
”No, that is not what it tells us. Of course there is no way government can run its course properly if there is no opposition. Opposition is helpful to the government. If there is no opposition government can transform into dictatorship.
”And that is what happens to our democracy. But what we are saying, know where to draw the line.
”The Governor is not asking anybody not to go to court to challenge or enforce their constitutional rights. That is normal. As a matter of fact that is even what we are encouraging. That instead of killing people in Abonema, instead of asking the security agents to do what they did.
”This is a civil society. If you are aggrieved about a thing or situation, please go through the proper channel. The proper channel as far as election matter is concerned is the Election Tribunal. Simple!
”We don’t need to destroy our state. We don’t need to destroy our own. Why don’t we all come together irrespective of the differences?  Let us be able to live together as one and build the state that is ours.
”For him as the Governor of Rivers State, he has just four more years to do God willing. Others have done eight years and gone. They are no longer here today. He too will do his and go, to the glory of God. Beyond him or after him somebody else will come. So let us not destroy our state.


Dennis Naku