Taming Cancer Menace Naturally (1)


The menace of cancer is taking its toll on the populace, and last Tuesday was celebrated as World Cancer Day.
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), cancer is the second leading cause of death globally and accounted for 8.8 million deaths in 2015. Globally, nearly one in six deaths is due to cancer.
In Nigeria, cancer leads to over 72,000 deaths per annum. This number is set to increase given that there are over 102,000 new cases of cancer every year.
However, WHO in 2016 revealed that cancer is more likely to respond to effective treatment and can result in a greater probability of surviving, less morbidity, and less expensive treatment when identified early.
Usually conventional cancer treatments are expensive and deleterious to the body. It has been confirmed that survival rates in conventional treatments is 50/50, which means that the probability of surviving is slim and cannot be predicted.
Until recently, natural cancer treatments were vilified in the sense t hat they were cheap and do not include surgery to remove tumours. Natural treatment of cancer is hinged on the belief that nature can with time eliminate cancer.
Among the top cancer occurrences is the breast cancer, followed by the cervix and colorectal cancer. In men prostate cancer is also finding its way with high incidents of death among the male folks.
For instance, colorectal cancer had been linked to nutrition and in Nigeria, as its common among Africans, where lots of meat is consumed, coupled with high consumption of cow skin (pommo), it’s easy to have such cancer.
Consumption of processed meats such as hot dogs and other non-fibrous food adds to the problem of colorectal cancer.
Now a woman risks developing breast cancer if there is a family member such as the grandmother, mother or sister who has it. Again women who have never breast-fed babies stand a risk, because the risk tends to be higher among them.
People who are obese or who do not engage in physical exercise are also at the risk; just as those who use oral contraceptives, especially the ones that contain high amount of estrogen.
Environmental factors that tend to change the genetic make-up of the individual are also a cause for concern, because they can predispose their victims to breast cancer.
Women are not the only ones that are predisposed to breast cancer, it has been confirmed that one percent of breast cancer occurs in the men.
Swollen male breast may be due to alcohol misuse and other reasons. Most women suffer from cervical cancer without knowing. They may be bleeding after having intercourse with their partner. Some even have foul odour or discharge from their private parts. (To be continued).