Sciences: Calabar Residents Want More Support For Women, Girls


Residents of Calabar have called for more support for women and girls in different fields of sciences so as to encourage more females to choose the sciences as career path.
The residents made the appeal in separate interviews with newsmen last Monday in Calabar.
They spoke against the backdrop of this year’s International Day for Women and Girls in Science.
an Assistant Natural Resources and Policy Component Personnel with Cuso International, One of the residents, Miss Blessing Adedokun, said women are currently doing well in sciences but the number was not as much as they wanted.
Adedokun said there should be equality in the support given to women whowere willing to go into the sciences and those who were already in the field.
She regretted that even in the 21st century, many parents still believed that sciences were basically for men while women should go into art related courses for their own safety.
“The society believes that women do not have the capacity to go into certain areas of sciences but I believe that if women are given the chance to express themselves more, there would be more women going into the field of sciences.
“I believe the society and our parents are affecting the choices of our women and girls by not giving them the chance to express themselves freely and choose a career path.
“I don’t believe the males are more calculative and the women speak better because everyone is talented in something, you just need to discover the talent, no sex has the monopoly of a particular skill.
“Even in the area of engineering, the women can go into it if they choose to, they don’t have to be in the field but could be the brains of any engineering work,” she said.
Similarly, a Pharmacist, Miss Jenom Enene, said though we see more women going into different fields of sciences today, it was not enough as more women needed to be aware that they can go into sciences too.
“The notion that some science based professions should be left for the men folk is erroneous.
“It is a general notion here which needs to be corrected that any woman in white in a hospital is a nurse while every man in a hospital in a white coat is a doctor; we forget that there are other professions needed in the hospital.
“We should encourage more women to go into different spheres of science and explore, there is so much to be done there like research areas yet untapped,” she said.