Fans Want Five Celebrities To Avoid Controversies In 2019


Without a doubt, it is common knowledge that celebrities are only the set of people whose life and activities are always closely monitored by the media, fans, critics and busy bodies. This inevitable act has sometimes made these celebrities become vulnerable, that’s why sometimes, we get to see them drag critics on social media.
For some staying away from controversies is like mixing water and oil together which never works. As we go into a new year we hope these celebrities say away from controversy and concentrate on their craft.
Mercy Aigbe: She is unarguably one of the most beautiful and talented women you will find in the Nigerian entertainment industry, but she has also been in the news for all the wrong reasons. In 2018, she started trending from the beginning of the year following her birthday dress drama. The story went back and forth with no headway, rather it left her with the dent of always being trapped in drama.
When we thought it was going to be the last drama, Mercy Aigbe was going to be involved in, then came the rumours that she got her mansion from a sugar daddy, a claim she denied. It’s a new year and all the fans want to hear and see from the talented actress in new block buster movie projects and those gorgeous photos that we always love.
Tonto Dike: It will be a surprise to you that even though light skinned gorgeous actress has been missing in action in the Nigerian movie industry, she has been able to remain in the news for a lot of other reasons.
Some of these reasons include that she is big on giving to charity which gets a lot of buzz from the media, but the main reason we hear about Tonto Dike every other time is the controversies surrounding her. In 2018 if she wasn’t throwing shades at her ex-husband, she was raising alarm over plans by the police to invade her house. Lets hope that in 2019 she returns from self imposed exile and goes back to acting, we miss the talent.
Wizkid: The biggest controversy in 2018 was that of Wizkid and his baby mamas especially the time one of them, Sola – Ogudu spilled a lot about her issues with the music star pertaining to parenting of their son Boluwatife.
It was one of the craziest moments in 2018 and we hope it would not happen in 2019. 2018 was one of the biggest years for Wizkid’s career as he broke so many records from our African point of view. From selling out the 20,000 capacity 02 Arena in the United Kingdom to sold out Nike Jersey. Indeed he had an amazing 2018. Moving forward, Wizkid should keep his house hold in order and continue to bless us with beautiful music.
Daddy Freeze: Daddy Freeze spent the better part of 2018 dragging various pastors in Nigeria over what he claims to be their fraudulent activities. The on Air personality tackled these pastors one after the other. At some point, he revealed that he was no longer getting gigs because of the influence of these powerful men of God. However, we loved some moments from the eloquent Daddy Freeze in 2018 most especially his exclusive interview with Timaya.
Well, we all want him to keep his gigs and shows in 2019 by doing the needful.
Runtown: One of the most talented singers from this part of the world has to be Runtown. In his short time in the entertainment industry he has been able to create a different kind of sound. In 2018 Runtown’s music career took a back stage as he was embroiled in different controversies.
At some point he was accused by a foreigner of defrauding her. He also had a controversial moment in 2018 and was quick to brush it aside and move on. First was the drama between him and his former record Laboh Eric Many Entertainment. The controversy that surrounded his exit from the record label was messy.
At some point, the music star’s alleged sex tape was leaked even though till date it hasn’t been confirmed if he was the one that was actually in the tape. It didn’t end there, towards the end of the year, the former record label claimed Runtown has been banned from entering the United States of America, a claim he denied.
For fans and lovers of the music idol, 2019 is a breath of fresh air and all they pray is for him to come back to his winning ways.