Fr Mbaka Under Fire Over Assassination Claim


Following Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka’s claim that there was an assassination attempt on him lastThursday, some Catholics have claimed that the cleric made it up in order to curry sympathy from the public and favours from the presidency.
In a statement released yesterday and signed on behalf of Concerned Catholics by Chief Jude Ndukwe and Rita Maduabuchi, the group said it was alarmed that Fr Mbaka could condescend so low as to plan his own assassination attempt only to turn around to accuse the Catholic Church of such a sinister plot.
The statement reads: “We of the Concerned Catholics have watched with utter shame and dismay the antics of Fr Camillus Ejike Mbaka of Enugu Diocese, the latest being the execution of an assassination attempt on himself which we have every reasonable cause to believe he planned against himself only for him to turn around to claim in a statement released by his Ministry that the phantom attempt “may have either been politically engineered or ecumenically endorsed”, meaning that the Catholic Church might have had a hand in it.
“We wish to state categorically clear that this fairy tale of assassination attempts on Fr Mbaka has since become a charming strategy for holding his followers hypnotized as it makes them see him as a super human whose biddings they must do irrespective of its correctness or otherwise.
“The truth is that, history has shown that Fr Mbaka falls back on this story every time he loses enormous goodwill among his followers and Catholics in particular and Nigerians in general. It is a strategy he employs to curry public sympathy and presidential favours after openly lamenting at that same occasion that the presidency of Muhammadu Buhari abandoned him.