RVHA Resumes Plenary


Proceedings in the Rivers State House of Assembly commenced in full force last week with a plenary on Thursday.
This however, followed oversight functions by the different committees including the House Committee on Public Accounts/Finance jointly chaired by Hon. Major Jack, who is also the Deputy House Whip.
In the past two weeks, the committee had grilled over 12 Ministries, Departments and Parastatals (MDAs) on budget implementation.
Also within the period under review, the House Committee on Judiciary chaired by Hon. Sam Ogeh carried out oversight function, where they met with the State Chief Judge, Justice Iyaye Laminkara.
During the visit penultimate week, Justice Laminkara intimated the committee of challenges in the judiciary.
The Chief Judge related that the judiciary was enjoying its status with budgetary releases and welfare packages at due time unlike before. On the other hand, she disclosed that the major challenge of the arm of government was poor security and personnel.
Meanwhile, last week, the House recovened after brief recess following political activities in the various constituencies ahead the 2019 elections.
During the plenary presided over by the Speaker, Rt Hon. Ikuinyi Owaji Ibani, five bills were given first reading on the floor of the House, they include: The Rivers State Health Care Facilities bill, which seeks to repeal the Hospital Management Law of 1999. The Rivers State Heritage Reservation Bill 2018, Rivers State Multi Tour Court House bill 2018, Rivers State Community Development Committees bill 2018.
Among the bills presented, three were private members bills. Hon Tekona Wellington of Asari-Toru II initiated the State Heritage Preservation Bill and Rivers State Community Development Committee Bill 2018.
The law maker from Asari-Toru while explaining the objective behind the bill said the Heritage Preservation bill is aimed at promoting tourism and protect values and culture of the people.
For the newly promoted Rivers State Community Development Committees bill, Hon. Wellington explained that it will help engender peace and development in the local communities as regards Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) signed between them and companies in their areas.
With a legal backing to the MOUs, the lawmaker believed that both the communities and the multinationals will be held accountable by law.
Consequently, the Kalabari National College has listed Hon. Wellington for honours as part of its 80th anniversary. The lawmaker is to be honoured alongside other dignitaries for their contributions in maintaining and sustaining the name of the college over the years.
It is against this backdrops that Hon. Wellington announced last week of expanding his scholarship programme to cover all students of SS III, who are about to write their Senior School Examinations. This is in addition to a modern Computer, Information Centre he built in the college two years ago.