Fasting And Your Health


In the first part of this article, we listed the benefits of fasting, not the spiritual or religious type that abstains one from food for a long time. While that one is also beneficial, medical experts had advised those with ailments such as diabetes and ulcer to avoid prolonged fasting.
Fasting can be a detoxifier and strong rejuvenator of the body metabolism, it helps the body to recover from overload from foods, drinks and other harmful substances that weaken the digestive system.
An expert in fasting and detoxification, Dr Don Colbert recommends what he called “juice fasting” or “fasting with water”.
In this kind of fasting, one does not keep away from water or juice, in short, water and juice are the main menu during the fasting period.
Before you start a “juice fast” you should be able to identify the kind of fruits you will use and stick to them, for instance, water melon and cucumber are great detoxifiers with less sugar.
Carrots, pineapples, apples and bananas have high sugar content and should be avoided by those with diabetes. Lemons, oranges, grapes and lime have less sugar but can retain water in the body if they are not mixed properly.
Apart from the fruit, one should be able to identify the aim of the fasting such as for weight control, arthritic or pain control, gout or swelling reduction, or for digestive or colon cleansing. These will guide one properly in the method and number of days to be used for the fasting exercise.
For weight control, special fruits are beneficial and they include those with less sugar, lemon and cucumber are important fruits that can be combined to achieve weight control.
Organic vegetables can also be juiced or blended to extract their chlorophyll mixed with other fruits to achieve the same goal.
When drinking your specially prepared juices, sip them slowly to mix with saliva. Don’t gulp them in a hurry. Drink juices after blending, do not store them. As soon as a fruit or vegetable is sliced, it begins to lose nutritional value.
Fresh juice contains living enzymes, phylonutrients, antioxidants vitamins, and minerals. Avoid canned or processed juices since many of its nutrients have been lost due to packaging or storing.
Over a period of days, your body may begin to show some signs of weakness, your energy level may drop, you may begin to have frequent stooling, your urine may begin to colour dark. Despite all symptoms you are advised not to worry.
These signs are an indication that your body is succumbing to the fasting. And over a period of few days, it will begin to adjust to the new nutrients you are taking.
For effective weight loss fasting, three weeks juice fast is recommended. Arthritic pain or gout fasting can last for two weeks. Make sure you drink lots of water to hydrate your body during the exercise.