Cricket: Abuja Ovals To Be Ready Before NSF


President, Nigeria Cricket Federation (NCF), Yahaya Ukwenya says the two ovals on construction at the National Stadium in Abuja, would be ready before the National Sports Festival (NSF) in December.
He told newsmen last Monday in Abuja, that work which was earlier suspended at the site of the project, would resume “hopefully before the end of the month’’.
Tidesports source gathered that the former NCF administration led by Emeka Onyeama, began construction of the ovals, but Ukwenya believed the work was not properly done and needed to be revisited.
“Right now, we are working on the planning process, we just don’t want to make the mistake that was made the first time, but we are working hard to ensure that work begins in earnest.
“What was placed on the ovals earlier was a poor quality top soil and the presence of that soil will generate a wrong type of weed growing.
“We have to bring in better quality top soil as well as the right expertise so that before the end of the month, we can resume work.
“Our target is to have the work completed before the commencement of NSF in December,’’ Ukwenya said.
The construction of the ovals sponsored by Montage Cable TV Network, a private company, would help boost chances of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in winning bids for hosting future international tournaments.
It would also help towards introduction of a national cricket league.