5 Famous Computer Games Featuring Gambling or Casino Game


Free computer games are currently the main leisure activity for most players and there are plenty of games to choose from. Computer gaming is a wonderful way of engaging in action while interacting with other people, mostly if you are playing RPG.

 The topmost computer games that feature gambling

  1. Witcher 3

In Witcher 3, the player engages in Gwent card gaming which performs a crucial role. Card gaming is among the main features that let players move in different sections of Witcher 3. Witcher 3 is suitable to those who love poker action. And since there is card gaming in it, it is perfect for anyone who is interested in computer gaming with a gambling aspect.

2. Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy computer games are well known and they are available in a number of consoles. If you are using Playstation console, you will enjoy Final Fantasy VIII which provides a little casino pastime known as Triple Triad. Players get a 3×3 grid and they take turns in competing in gambling to earn cards that have great value.

3. Red Dead Redemption

If you want great poker action similar to what you can get at slot no deposit while playing an action packed computer pastime, Red Dead Redemption is the perfect option. Red Dead Redemption computer pastime was created by the same company that developed Grand Theft Auto.

This computer pastime lets you to site in on some Texas Hold’em poker hands. A player can attempt cheating his opponent but if he gets caught, he should be ready for a fight. And besides the poker game, players can also enjoy Liar’s Dice when playing Red Dead Redemption computer game.

4. Fallout New Vegas

This is one of the best computer games that feature a casino element. Fallout New Vegas has great graphics and players get access to a lot of classic gambling games. Fallout New Vegas is an action role playing pastime that can be found in Playstation gadgets and on the most recent Xbox consoles.

Engaging in combat is the major focus of Fallout New Vegas but you can gamble as you play through going to casinos, buying chips, playing blackjack, roulette and slots.

5. Watchdogs

One of the best scenes in Watchdogs computer game is the poker and drinking games. The drinking gaming is very interesting and players pay and play through every session. The poker section on the other hand also has tables that have dots all through making for a welcome mini-game break from the major action.


Gambling games are very popular and most players and anyone who enjoys the adventure that computer games bring will appreciate more when the casino component is included. This does not only improve your computer gaming but it also provides more ways of experiencing classic gambling games.