Ogun: Robbery suspect expresses pain that his own house was burgled


As they say, ‘There is no honour among thieves.’ The Ogun State news proves that the saying is indeed true, as a house of an apprehended robber was, ironically, robbed!

Azeez Folarin, who is suspected of robbing many people across several states, has recently shared with the press that his apartment in Ibadan had been broken into and burgled. According to his interview with Premium Times on September 6, Folarin furnished his home on the money he stole from other people.

Azeez, also known as I-Pad, confessed that he was deeply hurt by this incident. The fact that his fellow people robbed him has shocked him. Nevertheless, he did not let this incident affect his criminal activities, so he went on robbing.

The mentions of the 25-year-old criminal first appeared in the Ogun State news when the Oyo, Ogun and Lagos States were plagued with instances of gang robberies a few years back. As it turns out, Folarin and his fellow gang members have been robbing people for over two years.

I-Pad was apprehended on February 25, when he and his mates robbed someone near the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. At that time, he was the only one who got caught. There have been no recent developments on the story in the Ogun State news today, which means that his accomplices are still out there.

Folarin’s gang is not the first of its kind to be featured in Ogun State news. Around two years ago, the state police apprehended several people that were suspected in the armed robbery. The police department received a tip that the gang operated around Ijebu Ode, specifically in the area of Molipa/Ikanga.

Police officers from the Igbeba Division immediately acted on the received information, which allowed them to catch the criminals in action. Two sides opened fire on each other, but the police were able to overpower the assailants and arrest eight of the gang members.

Source: NAIJ.COM