The Whole World Will Watch the New Election in Kenya


Plenty of people were really shocked by the Kenya’s Supreme Court extraordinary verdict to annul the results of the August 8 presidential election. The fresh elections will be made in two months after September 1.

Experts say that it was a historic moment for both Kenya and Africa as a whole, which will undoubtedly guarantee better worldwide attention on Kenya in autumn 2017. Such a statement was made by John Kerry, the former secretary of state in Barack Obama`s administration, and Aminata Touré, the ex-prime minister of Senegal.

According to the Court`s verdict, the presidential election was not conducted according to the Constitution, quoting “irregularities and illegalities” made by Kenya’s election commission.

According to numerous media reports, various international observers had declared the election fair and free. Though some observers noted isolated examples of technical wrongdoings in both counting and voting, these did not seem to affect the honesty of those processes.

“We as well pointed to the fact that the electronic transmission of results proved untrustworthy, with automatic scans of results forms not arriving as intended at constituency-level tally centers, where all results were put into a table,” continues Kerry and Touré.

The Nigerian election commission, as a backup measure, trained the electorate centers to rely instead on the paper results forms to count the official results. Some observers informed that the paper-based backup system, if put into practice correctly, would get confirmation of the ballots cast and that agents of political parties had been at most stations and got copies they could check by themselves with the official results.

The major this is that all angry parties must continue their disputes, not in the streets but the courts. Numerous international observer missions` heads pressed, both in private meetings with candidates and publicly, for claims of misbehavior and fraud to be thoroughly investigated, rather than abridged to rhetoric and insinuation. So, it can be concluded that it was international observers who made candidates to continue their arguments in the courts. It is really a great thing that this has happened.

Presently, all observers are staying in Kenya to continue the monitoring. The complete report will be released after the end of the new election and the decree of any petitions.

Mr. Odinga in its electoral appeal noticed that the election commission failed to follow correct procedures in announcing the final results. Additionally, there were mistakes in the forms recording polling station results. Moreover, they claimed that the election servers were hacked to influence results. The election commission has also recognized that there were certain attempts to hack its servers. However, officials reject that there was any malfeasance.

Meanwhile, the election commission has released the day of the new election. It will take place on October 17. The government will have to offer the financial resources to hold the elections. It also must guarantee the total security of the candidates, commissioners, and voters. President Kenyatta in his turn told that he would undoubtedly respect any court’s decision. All Kenyans must act sensibly and be sure that the new electoral process is nonviolent.

Source: Tuko Kenya.