Expert Wants Tinted Glass Cars Impounded

Tinted Glass Cars

The officers and men
of the Nigeria Police Force have been urged to carry out its order of arresting and impounding any vehicle with unauthorised tinted glass windows on the road and prosecute them according to the law.
A security expert in Rivers State, Sir Ernest Minabelem Alalibo made the call in a chat with our correspondent  in Port Harcourt yesterday.
According to him, the impunity of some vehicle owners cannot go unchecked because   of their status or involvement with government officials using tinted glass windows in order to avere security checkpoints or to hide their identify in public, pointing out that it  is against the law and such people should not go scot free.
He expressed that some criminals in the society have joined the bandwagon by using tinted glass windows to perpetrate all manner of crimes including kidnapping, armed robbery and movement of arms among others.
The security expert noted that some of the heinous crimes were carried out by hoodlums in tinted glass cars, as their identities could not be easily identified.
Alalibo also reiterated that crime rate in the state and all parts of the country would be reduced if occupants of such cars were questioned to identify themselves properly and their vehicle’s searched thoroughly, adding that security personnel should resist any act of inducement by such people whose stature looks intimidating.
He said they should commence their massive nationwide operations aimed at enforcing all existing laws on tinted glasses as well as the use of unregistered and unlicensed vehicles as patrol vans.
According to him, the security situation in the country and in Rivers State had been alarming, stressing efforts should be geared towards ensuring that criminality and crimes are being stamped out or ameliorated by taking further steps no matter the persons involved.
Alalibo further called on the Police to redouble their efforts in crime prevention and appealed to all those using tinted glass cars without government approval, be it politician, security  personnel or company executive to obey the law and know that the ban on unlawful and indiscriminate use of tinted glasses and the legislation forbidding the plying of unregistered vehicles are still in force, adding “Nigerian security should no longer compromise on this issue”, he opined.