Children’s Dreams For A New Rivers

L-R: Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Bello Mojeed-Abiola,, Consultant Psychiatrist, Grace Ijarogbe, Chief Consultant Psychiatrist, Special Grace, Dr Oluyemi Ogun, Chief Nursing Officer, Ms Abiola Akingbohungbe and Children of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, during Autism Day in Lagos, recently.

Today is Children’s Day.
It is also the 49th Anniversary of the creation of Rivers State. In this Vox Pop, children voiced out to Ibinabo Ogolo, their dreams and prayers for the State and its Governor.
Master Bright Green, JSS3, Bonny National Grammar School

My dream for our blessed Rivers State is for the government to improve the education sector to have good hospitals so that death rate in the state will reduce and the provision of good pipe borne water for all.
I look forward to the creation of more industries so that the rate of unemployment will be reduced the opposite of which will lead to crime and violent society.
My prayer for Governor Wike is that the God who granted Solomon wisdom will do the same for him and that God will close his ears from the whispering voice of evil talks and thus be a ruler that generations will remember.
Miss Anita Udeme Amos, SS3, Community Secondary School, Oroworukwo, P.H
I dream of a government that will help the poor children with their WASCE registration because some of our parents cannot meet up. Like me, I’m not writing the examination because my parents cannot pay the fees. I am here helping my mother roast plantain and fish to sell.
I also dream of Rivers State to be safe for everybody. They should stop the killing and fighting in this State. I pray that Governor Wike will rule Rivers State well and be a good governor.
Master Usman Makadi, Primary 3, State Primary School, Bernard Carr, P.H

I want them to give us books to read and provide water for us to drink in the school because we buy ‘pure water’ to drink.
I pray that God gives our governor long life and let him win election again.

Master Gospel Dappa, JSS1,  Community Secondary School, Obonoma

Government should develop the educational system by sending more teachers to our schools because we don’t have enough and also improve on the facilities in the schools. The road leading to the school is very bad and electricity is very poor which is affecting us to read.
God give Governor Wike money to work in our community in Jesus name.
Master Collins Onwuegbuisi, SS2, Ignatius Ajuru, University of Education Demonstration Secondary School, Ndele
My dream for my State is centered on total prosperity. Governor Wike has a winning spirit which I believe will bring about prosperity. The welfare of teachers should be considered to motivate them in order to make the students literate.
Adequate security should be provided to minimize kidnapping, stealing and other vices. Rural roads should be built to enable rural people have access to civilization.
My prayer for our governor is God’s guidance and protection.
Miss Vivian Johnson,
Primary 6, Army Children Model School, G.R.A., P.H.
My dream for Rivers State is for God to help move Rivers State forward, stop robbery and kidnapping. Government should help send children to school with free buses and visit the orphanages.
I pray to God to bring more understanding and love between the governor and his subjects, even with the ordinary people in the State. Amen.

Miss Blessing Nwachukwu, SS2, Acumen Secondary School, Diobu, P.H.
My dream for Rivers State is to have a State where everyone living in the State will live in peace and unity. A state where everyone will see him or herself as a partner in progress for the development of the State.
I look forward to a State where those at the corridors of power will govern the people with transparency, accountability and probity. And I pray that the monster called corruption that has eaten deep into the fabric of the Nigerian nation will be banished from the Rivers State of my dream.
I also want to believe that Rivers State will graduate to a State where basic infrastructure needed for the sustenance of life will be readily available, that is to say our pregnant mothers will no longer die in the line of child bearing and delivery.
My prayer for Governor Wike is that the Lord should saturate him with courage and wisdom as he has never known before.
Miss Taribo Glory Iyama, JSS3,  Government Secondary School, UBE, Ogu

My dream for Rivers State is that, it will be the happiest, co-operative, peaceful and best State ever in Nigeria. Also, in years to come I pray Rivers State becomes one of the richest and most lawful States ever in Nigeria.
As a daughter and citizen of the State and as a medical doctor to be in the nearest future, I dream that health care services will be fully discharged at the grassroot level, also to bring in foreign expertise in conjunction with government to see that the area of healthcare services is actualised.
I pray that God should grant Governor Wike the knowledge, wisdom, intelligence and the strength to rule the State.
Master David Basic, JSS3, Community Secondary School, Kalio Ama, Okrika
Rivers State is the treasure base of our great nation, richly endowed with national resources, yet not reflecting on the people of the State. I have a dreamt that one day, the decaying educational system will be revamped. That the wealth from our State will fully reflect on every family of the State.
That good health care for all Rivers people becomes realistic someday and that our roads become devoid of men of the underworld, safe and sound for men, women and girls of Rivers State as security check should be improved to prevent the current incessant rate of kidnap/killing of girls and women.
My prayer for Governor Wike is that God should give him long life.
Master Godpower Henry, Primary 6, Army Children Model School, G.R.A. P.H.

I dream of a Rivers State where there will be free and fair elections during election period. Also, how good and wonderful it will be if Rivers State which is known to be the Treasure Base of the nation uses its resources for the benefit of its indigenes.
I also dream of a time where students will be happy if there are enough spaces for chairs for them to sit down because in some schools when children enter the various classes, they would not find space to sit down and they will be sitting on the floor, so there should be enough space and chairs in schools.
My prayer for Governor Wike is that God should guide him and his family from the evil one and all those who don’t like him.
Miss Dorcas Balafama, SS2, Community Secondary School, Kalio Ama, Okrika
I dream of a Rivers State blessed with hardworking and responsible youths devoted to excellence that will shun violence and work together as brothers and sisters to accomplish a great State.
My prayer for Governor Wike is that God should speak through him as a leader of integrity and stand as a useful tool in the hand of God to carry out his constitutional duties.
Princess Ibilate John, Basic 4,  Corner Stone Primary School, Port Harcourt.

My dream for Rivers State is for the government to do more roads, build more schools and provide electricity.
I pray that God will give Governor Wike wisdom in Jesus name.
Miss Uzoma Confidence Febechi, SS2, Government Girls Secondary School, Oromenike, D/Line

I have always dreamed that Rivers State will become a safe State with maximum security that would protect the citizens and their properties. That the clash of political parties and candidates in the State be over, so that politics will no longer be a do or die affair.
I also dream that government schools in Rivers State will not be neglected so much. Government should take government schools seriously in the sense of providing the necessary amenities for the students, which can make learning easier. Government schools are the most populated but have the least resources.
I pray that God will continue to bless Governor Wike for the wonderful works he has done so far and direct him in every decision.
Master David Evioso Solomon, SS1,  Acumen Secondary School, Diobu, Port Harcourt

I dream of Rivers State with high medical and technological services and facilities. I see the State in the next 10 to 15 years as the most developed State in Nigeria, where kidnapping, robbery, rape, cultism and area boys syndrome which is more especially in the Diobu axis of Port Harcourt will be a stranger to its citizens. A State where the pen will be mightier than the sword and justice supreme.
I pray that anything that will bring in confusion, crisis, problems and frustration with never see Governor Wike and his administration.

Miss Tamunoene Ibiene Deborah Gracious, JSS3, Government Secondary School, Ogu

I dream that Rivers State will become better one day, that the rate of corruption will decrease, also all the less privileged, needy, poor, sick and even those who do not have better houses to live in, will someday be helped by the government.
I also dream that child abuse in this State will be sooner or later stopped by the government because it burns my heart when I am going to school, I see very young, bright, beautiful children hawking on the streets when they are supposed to be in school. This is because their parents do not have the money to pay for their fees. I hope and dream that government would come down to visit some communities that lack basic amenities and also find solutions to those problems.
I pray for Governor Wike to be a faithful man to his wife and a faithful governor to his citizens and he will never fall into the hands of his enemies.
Miss Favour George Wondah, SS2, Ignatius Ajuru University of Education Demonstration Secondary School, Ndele

Rivers State as the Treasure Base of the nation should be the envy of others with a peaceful and conducive environment to live in. An improved educational system at all levels with the provision of libraries, laboratories, computers and so on.
Also, government should provide skill acquisition centres necessary to help the unemployed and school dropouts to acquire skills thereby reducing crime, because an idle brain is the devil’s workshop.
My prayer for Governor Wike is that God should give him wisdom to govern this great State to an enviable position.
Miss Deborah Ndu, SS3, Priston International School, Oyigbo
I have a dream that one day peace will be restored completely in Rivers State where everybody will sleep with two eyes closed.
That one day, Rivers State will be as beautiful as London, we will have uninterrupted power supply, unemployment, bribery and corruption will be a thing of the past in the State.
I pray that God will give Governor Wike the courage to lead the affairs of this great State, restore back its lost glory and stop crisis and robbery in the State.