Farmers Want Strategy Against Food Shortage


Some agricultural stakeholders have advocated for all season
planting and irrigation farming to checkmate food shortage in the country.

The stakeholders speaking in Lagos, said that the
current flooding occasioned by climate change, had impacted adversely on the
nation’s agricultural production.

Mr Bolaji Alonge, a farm developer, stressed the need to
encourage all season planting due to the high demand for food.

“We do not have many farmers who are into all season farming
in the country; we only have Obasanjo Farms and one or two others.

“These farmers cannot meet up with the high demand for food,
considering the population; that is why the government needs to encourage
farmers to go into all season farming.”

He also urged the Federal Government to take urgent measures
to address the security challenge in the northern part of the country.

“We all know that about 50 per cent of food consumed in the
south west is from the north, so the region will be mostly affected. “Let us
also consider irrigation farming during the dry season so that there won’t be
food shortage.

“We see wastage of food when there are heavy rains and
floods, and then we have shortage of food when there is no rain at all, so
there is a problem. ‘’Let me also remind you that this is not peculiar to
Nigeria alone.”

He urged the Federal Government to urgently put an end to
the perennial flooding to avoid food crisis in the country.

In his view, Mr Haruna Muhammed, the Chairman, Mile 12
Market Management Committee, attributed the general vegetable shortage in the
country to flood.

‘’If you go to most vegetable farms now, you will see how
flood has eroded a whole farm leaving nothing for the farmers to harvest.’’

He said that in time past, it was easy to manage flood on
vegetable farms but now the situation was beyond farmers’ control.